SUNNYVALE, California, October 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Centrify Corporation announced that its Centrify Suite has been selected and deployed by Amadeus to help meet PCI compliance requirements and increase the efficiency of its server administration within their data center - one of the largest worldwide dedicated to travel-related transactions. Amadeus, the leading transaction processor and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry, has deployed the Centrify Suite to use the same Active Directory credentials across a heterogeneous computing environment comprised of thousands of servers for their hundreds of developers and administrators. The Centrify Suite enabled Amadeus to rapidly increase their server deployments, provide Single Sign-on (SSO) to their developers and administrators, increase the granularity of their access control, tighten their security and meet PCI standards without having to add more staff or another layer of administrative software.

It's absolutely critical to satisfy PCI regulations if we want to maintain the high levels of security demanded by our customers. Centrify helps us meet those standards, said Ana-Paula Ribeiro, Director of Operating System Services for Amadeus. We automatically include Centrify on every server we deploy, and we are deploying hundreds per quarter.

By including Centrify Suite on all systems, Amadeus eliminated disparate UNIX and Linux identity stores. By relying on Active Directory and Centrify, each Amadeus user now has a single user ID and password to use to login to all of the systems that IT security has centrally granted them access to. Amadeus can also enforce security best practices uniformly across all of the UNIX and Linux systems by using the strict policies (such as password expirations, password length and complexity) that Active Directory and Centrify enable. They can eliminate redundant, orphan accounts, and manage privileged users from a centralized console. If a system engineer changes roles or leaves the organization, his access to all systems, regardless of OS, can be modified or eliminated in seconds.

Ms. Ribeiro observed, The fact that Centrify could provide uniform support across all of our operating system platforms was a major advantage. By use of Centrify and other tools we can automate user and server administration, which allows us a more efficient ratio between servers and system engineers.

Amadeus customers include travel providers (airlines, hotels, rail, car rental, ferries, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and individual travelers). The group operates a transaction-based business model and processed more than 670 million billable travel transactions in 2009. The Amadeus data center in Erding, Germany, is one of the largest worldwide dedicated to travel.

About the Centrify Suite

The Centrify Suite centrally secures cross-platform data centers through Active Directory-based identity and access management of the industry's widest range of heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications. Built on an integrated architecture that leverages our patented technology, the Centrify Suite of solutions enables organizations to reduce IT expense and complexity, improve end-user productivity through single sign-on, strengthen security and enhance regulatory compliance initiatives. Key components of the Centrify Suite include integrated authentication, access control, role-based privilege management, user-level auditing and server protection solutions, consisting of Centrify DirectControl, Centrify DirectAuthorize, Centrify DirectAudit, Centrify DirectSecure, and Centrify DirectManage.

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