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- Arxan Technologies Expands Global Footprint to Europe to Address Software Piracy and Tampering

Arxan Technologies, a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software from tampering and theft, announces its global expansion into Europe with the appointment of Lance Boyd as Vice President of International Sales. Boyd will be supported by a team based in London dedicated to providing application hardening solutions tailored to the European software industry. Arxan has expanded its global footprint to the European market at a time when levels of global software piracy and tampering have reached unprecedented levels, compliance regulation is demanding close scrutiny of software applications and malware attacks are exponentially increasing.

Recent research by the Business Software Association and IDC indicates that software piracy is far from decline. On average, software producers lose 38 percent of sales to global software piracy. The conducted study by BSA and IDC concluded that worldwide losses due to piracy rose by US$8 billion to a total of US$48 billion in 2007 alone. The CEU region ranked the highest with an average loss of 68 percent, and in the UK alone pirated software has flat-lined at 27 percent to 26 percent over the past four years, with little sign of decline despite the best efforts of industry enforcement agencies and the UK Government.

"We are seeing an increased global demand for a new generation of application hardening technologies to make software tamper-resistant so organizations can manage risk, maximize profitability and regain control of their software," said Mike Dager, President and CEO of Arxan. "As such, we are very excited about our presence in London, with Lance Boyd at the helm. Our European expansion is a key element to our continued leadership in the fight against hackers, and our dedication to providing our customers around the world with durable and easy to use application hardening solutions."

John Lovelock, Chief Executive of the Federation Against Software Theft stated: "Britain's creative industries are the envy of the rest of the world - but only while intellectual property is respected. We all have a duty to make sure we safeguard this national treasure - just like the rest of the world protects the rights of their workers. Without protection the UK loses its advantage and its copyrighted works get stolen, leading to job loses, lost tax revenue, and criminals profiting. The Federation therefore welcomes any initiative in the fight against piracy and tampering."

Enterprises need to mitigate risk around software tampering for unauthorized access, which can jeopardize regulatory compliance, sales and lead to malware insertion. Virtually impenetrable, GuardIT(R), Arxan's proven commercial software protection solution, features automated, comprehensive, yet customisable protection for software applications. The GuardIT platform is flexible, easy-to-use and tailored to individual application requirements for both managed and native code. The GuardIT family provides software protection across Windows, .NET and Linux desktop, server and embedded platforms for both x86 and PowerPC. GuardIT is the only binary-based application hardening solution that actively defends, detects and reacts against attempted application attacks.

Arxan's application hardening solutions enable software-driven businesses to safeguard their revenues and brand at an unmatched level and complexity of protection. For the past six years, Arxan's software fortification technology has protected government software, and has successfully enabled software-driven Global 500 companies to safeguard their software assets and preserve revenues.

To contact the UK sales offices, email Arxan Technologies Ltd. at or call + 44(0)7881937748

About Arxan Technologies

Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software intellectual property (IP) from piracy, tampering, reverse engineering and any manner of theft. Our GuardIT(R) solution takes software security beyond static obfuscation and encryption to dynamically defend, detect and react against application attacks. Arxan supports a full range of application protection needs, from commercial software anti-piracy to military grade assurance. Businesses rely on Arxan to fortify software, license management and DRM applications to prevent the loss of billions of dollars to unauthorized use. The U.S. department of defense and its contractors rely on Arxan Defense Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Arxan Technologies, to deliver best of breed anti-tamper solutions to protect critical program information in military technology. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, Md., San Francisco, Calif., Dallas, Boston, Chicago, New York and West Lafayette, Ind. For more information, please visit

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For further information please contact Jodi Wadhwa, Arxan Technologies, Inc., T: +1-301-968-4295, E: ; Richard Merrin, Spreckley Partners, +44-207-388-9988, .

For further information please contact Jodi Wadhwa, Arxan Technologies, Inc., T: +1-301-968-4295, E: ; Richard Merrin, Spreckley Partners, +44-207-388-9988, .