ZURICH, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The computer mouse has now been around for 40 years and has become a tool that many people work with for hours each day. The ergonomically-designed 'HandshoeMouse' is an especially comfortable and healthy version. Its innovative design has been developed by two Dutch universities and prevents the user suffering from a 'mouse arm'. It comes in three sizes and a slick wireless version is also available.

When the mouse was first created for NASA back in 1968, nobody could have imagined that, in the future, everyday office life would be unthinkable without it. But it is now also evident that long hours of working with the input device do have a downside. Increasingly, users are complaining of stresses and strains in the shoulder and pains in the forearm used to control the mouse. The ergonomic design of the HandshoeMouse offers both relief and prevention. It has been developed on the basis of studies undertaken at university medical schools in Rotterdam and Maastricht.

The hand lies on the mouse

Due to its curvature, the bio-design of the HandshoeMouse supports the natural shape of the relaxed palm of the hand. In addition, the mouse offers a supporting surface for the whole hand including the heel of the hand, so that the mouse need not be continually controlled with the fingers. The hand muscles are noticeably less stressed after long periods at the computer - thereby preventing complaints. After only a short-period of familiarisation, the HandshoeMouse can be comfortably and accurately controlled. And since not every hand is the same size, the HandshoeMouse comes in three sizes - small, medium and large.

Wireless: No need to change batteries and no need for a charger

A cordless variant of the HandshoeMouse is now also available. This wireless version offers unlimited mobility and practical charging technology: if the battery is empty, charging can be carried out by simply plugging in the USB cable provided with the mouse. The mouse can then continue to be used without further interruption - a very clever idea.

The HandshoeMouse needs no driver software and is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple-Mac systems. Further information is available and orders can be placed at http://www.handshoemouse.com. The wireless version retails at 144.99 euros including postage and packing.

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Contact: Hippus NV Paul C. Helder 4818 SJ Breda The Netherlands, Telephone: +31-76-521-72-10 E-mail: info@hippus.nl