BRUSSELS, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueBackUp is the first online backup service that caters for the needs of big businesses. By developing innovative data recovery functionalities and thanks to the drop of disk prices, the Oodrive subsidiary is able to help organisations that manage large volumes of data to deal with the new IT challenges thrown up by the economic crisis.

Faced with ever-tougher demands in terms of data security (faster times for backups and recovery, frequency of backups, backup window issues, etc.), businesses now need to find a reliable solution to the problem of securing data without having to increase their budgets. The current economic crisis has a lot to answer for...

BlueBackUp has specialised in remote backup services since 2001. Now, as part of its solution to the growing data security problem, the company has developed new functionalities that fit in perfectly with the needs of large business organisations in terms of business continuity, creating a first for remote backup services:

- Bare Metal Recovery technology - Enables a server (including operating system + configuration) to be recovered in one simple operation - The replacement server does not necessarily have to be similar to the original - Recovery is carried out using a range of physical backup media (hard disk, USB thumb drive, etc.) - Main benefit = significant reduction in downtime after a major system crash - Local Vault - Installation of a local backup server on the customer's premises - Backup of company data in-house via the LAN (speed of backups) - Automatic replication of data to BlueBackUp's external servers - Main benefit = reduction of backup windows and Recovery Time Objective - Continuous Data Protection - Real-time protection of critical applications - Constant snapshotting and tracing of changes made to critical data - Recovery points generated as often as every 5 minutes - Main benefit = minimising data lost after a server crash

Although online backup services have been available in Belgium for the past ten years or so, major organisations have been reluctant to embrace the technology, most of them believing that online backup is a service reserved for SMEs only. But with its stable software and new recovery functionalities, BlueBackUp today is capable of directly targeting companies that handle significant volumes of data or run complex IT applications.

Philip Wittmann, BlueBackUp managing director explains: Although we have always been capable of backing up complex environments through our Evault software, I have to admit that until now we have not had the know-how required to approach really big organisations. But with all the experience we have accumulated since 2001, plus the content of our current offering, we are now able to make this quantum leap and focus mainly on the larger type of client.

It is worth noting that BlueBackUp increased its turnover by 35% in the first quarter of 2009, compared with Q1 in 2008.

About BlueBackUp

BlueBackUp is a subsidiary of Oodrive Technologies. Over time, it has become the leading specialist in protecting critical data via the Internet in Belgium. BlueBackUp offers its customers a comprehensive suite of online backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that use Evault DeltaBlock technology to meet the needs of businesses operating in complex IT environments.

Media contact person: Eric Toussaint +32-2-306-86-96,

Media contact person: Eric Toussaint +32-2-306-86-96,