SAN FRANCISCO, March 31 /PRNewswire/ --

blueKiwi Software, the leading European provider of Enterprise Social Software, announces today the release of new features which will enhance the use and adoption of social networks and at the same time reinforce the business-oriented foundation of blueKiwi 2009. These new features include a new mobile device interface and a development kit for widgets.

blueKiwi everywhere and whenever!

Smartphone users (BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia or Windows mobile) can now continue their fruitful conversations with a specialized interface allowing them to:

- Follow all conversations in real time and react directly from their mobile device - Consult and update activity feeds to know who is doing what in the network - Access the directory to easily contact or call any member of their blueKiwi network.

All possible widgets!

Publishing the CEO video from the last kick-off, checking the weather forecast or accessing internal or external applications in blueKiwi 2009 has never been as simple. With the availability of the development kit, blueKiwi customers can enrich the extensive catalog with their own widgets.

Our objective is spread the use and power of Web 2.0 all the way to the to the core business of enterprises, said Carlos Diaz, CEO and co-founder of blueKiwi Software. The social network is by nature mobile and intertwined with the enterprise information system. Our customers need to interact with their network wherever and whenever they want and to access more and more information that is key to their business. We are the only ones to offer such flexibility.

blueKiwi 2009 provides a unique social network platform, a revolutionary directory of rich profiles and a next-generation communication platform, enabling businesses to create powerful, secure social networks and communities for connecting employees, business partners and customers.

The new features also include a new Single Sign On API, facilitating and securing access to blueKiwi from intranets or extranets.

Finally, blueKiwi Office Assistant allows users one-click publishing from their favorite Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

Presented for the first time at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, these new features will be available on April 7th to all existing customers at no additional cost.

blueKiwi Software is the leading European provider of Enterprise Social Software. The solution enables people-centric organizations to create powerful and secure professional networks where employees, partners and customers can share conversations, ideas, skills, resources and best practice with one another. blueKiwi promotes a culture of collaboration and openness that helps businesses of any size increase their sales productivity, foster new ideas and increase staff satisfaction and retention. With operations in France and United Kingdom, the company has a track record of successfully enabling social and business networking for some of Europe's leading companies.

Press Contact blueKiwi Software: Carlos Diaz - CEO +33-6-76-09-31-20

Carlos Diaz, CEO, blueKiwi Software, +33-6-76-09-31-20