VIENNA, Austria, January 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The media recently reported on Hollywood star Nicole Kidman's larger breasts. Breast-feeding her baby has apparently given Ms. Kidman her fuller cleavage. However, pregnancy and breast-feeding do not automatically lead to larger breasts - the opposite can be true. Breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched own fat fulfils many women's dreams of large breasts in a natural and permanent way!

Many women complain about the loss of volume, shape and stability of their breasts after pregnancy. Stem cells from the body's own fat are very suitable for the augmentation of all types of small, sagging breasts, completely without the use of silicone or scalpel, says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, specialist for New Cosmetic Surgery and anti-aging. In his Vienna-based Clinic DDr. Heinrich, he is the first doctor in Europe to offer this form of breast augmentation without silicone.

Using patented microcannulas, body fat is first removed. After enrichment with the body's own stem cells, this fat is injected into the breasts. New, living tissue develops from the stem cells.

A breast that is augmented with stem cell-enriched own fat feels completely natural and also looks real in every position, for the increased volume is not comprised of silicone but of fatty tissue. The liposuction as well as the breast augmentation can be carried out within a couple of hours under local anaesthetic or twilight sleep. Clinical studies in Japan have proved the safety and permanence of this procedure.

Stem cell-enriched own fat is also used for the shaping of other body regions such as the bottom; for the correction of dimples and for skin rejuvenation of face, cleavage and hands.

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