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- Gentle Methods of new Cosmetic Surgery Increasingly Replacing More Invasive Methods

The media recently reported that Miss California entered the pageant with fake breasts. This wouldn't have happened with silicon-free breast enlargement! This novel breast enlargement method neither leaves scars nor does the artificially enlarged breast feel or look unnatural. But breasts enlarged with silicon are not just criticised in beauty contests.

While only a few years ago plump, unnatural-looking silicon breasts were the ideal, a trend towards greater naturalness in cosmetic surgery is now evident. Many patients want moderate breast enlargements and deem it important that the enlarged breasts look real.

With stem-cell-enriched own fat, modern medicine can fulfil many women's wish for a fuller, natural-looking cleavage, claims Viennese cosmetic surgery and anti-aging specialist DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, who has been offering breast enlargements with stem-cell-enriched own fat, a European premiere.

Firstly, body fat is gently extracted using special, patented microcannulas. Stem cells are extracted from a portion of the suctioned own fat and mixed with the rest of the fat. The stem-cell-enriched own fat is injected into the breast with thin injection needles. The implanted stem cells generate new, living fat tissue.

The procedure takes a few hours under local anaesthesia or twilight sleep; afterwards the patient is fully mobile. U.S. and Japanese clinical studies have demonstrated its safety and the durability of the result.

At Clinic DDr. Heinrich, stem-cell-enriched own fat is also used for natural body forming in the buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves, for the correction of dents, and for rejuvenating the skin of the face, hands, and cleavage.

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Contact: Clinic DDr. Heinrich Contact person: Dr. Iris Kirschner E-mail: Web: Phone: +43(0)1-5321801

Contact: Clinic DDr. Heinrich, Contact person: Dr. Iris Kirschner, E-mail:, Phone: +43(0)1-5321801