VIENNA, Austria, August 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the media reported that George Clooney left his girlfriend after she underwent breast augmentation with silicon

Many men comment that they find silicon implants unappealing. Besides attracting more laughter than anything else, they have serious drawbacks: They may not only cause pain when swimming in cool water, they also leave visible scars and often make surgical lifting and change of implants necessary later.

Hyaluronic acid is intensely marketed currently. In this method, Hyaluronic acid is being injected into the breast into nut-size depots which can be felt when touching the breast. Repeated injections will leave additional scars. Also the costs are substantial: 200 ml per side cost roughly 14,000 Euros.

New Cosmetic Surgery offers a real alternative, bringing patients from all over the world to Vienna to see DDr. Heinrich. "Breast augmentation with stem-cell-enriched own fat has made the wish of so many women come true. They can have a fuller décolleté without scars, silicone, or even general anaesthesia," says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, an expert in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.

First, the patient's own fat will be harvested by gentle liposuction, enriched with body-own stem cells, and finally injected into the breast under local anaesthesia or in twilight sleep. This procedure provides augmentation up to two cup sizes without leaving scars. The enlarged breasts look perfectly natural in any position and in movement. Stability and safety of this procedure has been proven in clinical studies in Japan and the USA.

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Contact:, Clinic DDr. Heinrich, Contact: Claudia König, E-mail:, Phone: +43(0)1-5321801