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- Liposuction and Breast Augmentation in one go

Many women feel uncomfortable with padding around the hips and small breasts. Until recently correction required two operations: One for liposuction, the other for breast enlargement with silicon and scalpel. Today breast augmentation with stem-cell-enriched own fat combines both procedures: The fat harvested in liposuction is enriched with body-own stem cells and used for natural breast augmentation.

Today, thanks to novel medical technology, stem cells from fat may be used for rejuvenation and body shaping. Stem cells harvested from own fat are suitable for natural breast augmentation and have enormous regenerative potential, says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, Vienna-based expert in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging.

In a first step body fat will be harvested by liposuction using dedicated microcannulas. Stem cells will be extracted from one portion and mixed with the rest of the fat. Then the stem-cell-enriched fat will be injected into the breast: No scalpel is needed, no foreign substances will be implanted and no scars will remain. The stem cells will grow into new, living tissue.

The breast enlarged by that technique will look and feel perfectly natural, the increase in volume being caused by body-own tissue. Liposuction with microcannulas and breast augmentation take a few hours only. Local anaesthesia or twilight sleep will be sufficient and there will be only minimal need for aftercare. The patient may be released home right after surgery. Safety and stability of the results have been proven in studies in the USA and Japan.

At Clinic DDr. Heinrich stem-cell-enriched own fat is also used for shaping of other body regions as well as for correction of dents or skin rejuvenation.

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Contact: Clinic DDr. Heinrich Dr. Iris Kirschner Web: Phone:+43(0)1-5321801

Contact: Clinic DDr. Heinrich, Dr. Iris Kirschner,, Web:, Phone:+43(0)1-5321801