LONDON, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Days before the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference begins, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) has responded by mobilising its new Carbon Army with '3000 Days of Action', a frontline attack on climate change launched today with celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock. The 3000 Days of Action - one for every delegate at Copenhagen - will be accumulated between 1-18th December 2009 to demonstrate what could be achieved with deeds rather than words.

The Carbon Army represents BTCV's most concerted effort in its 50-year history to communicate the urgency of the climate change issue. It will see its existing force of volunteers and new recruits have a direct and tangible impact on reducing the UK's emissions. Ms Dimmock launched the 3000 Days of Action mission at Lauderdale House, London, joining a Carbon Army unit planting a kitchen garden, an ideal way to reduce the carbon produced by food miles.

During the 3000 Days of Action the BTCV will offset the carbon emissions of the conference delegates through planned activities around the country. This could see the Carbon Army:

- Plant 1.4 million trees, or - Create enough allotment space to save three million food miles, or - Turn an area the size of 34 Wembley football pitches in to urban green spaces.

Speaking at the event, Ms Dimmock said: I was pleased to sign up as a Carbon Army volunteer. The point of the 3000 Days of Action is that by getting involved in the Carbon Army's operations, we can individually make a difference both to ourselves and our local community.

BTCV Chief Executive, Tom Flood, states: The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has been billed as the most important meeting in history, and that is part of the problem - it scares people off and makes the problem seem too big.

Our fear is that it will just be more hot air. While the Copenhagen delegates talk, BTCV acts. Whether it is planting an allotment or new trees, improving flood defences or creating carbon sinks, we urge everyone to join our ranks and head in to their communities to be on the front line of tackling climate change.

Contact: Lisa Pantelli +44(0)1273-666-200/

SOURCE: British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)

CONTACT: Contact: Lisa Pantelli, +44(0)1273-666-200/