S-HERTOGENBOSCH, The Netherlands, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BWise, the global leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) (http://www.bwise.com/grc-challenges/continuous-controls-monitoring) management software, announced today it has signed a cooperative agreement with CaoSys Limited, headquartered in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. CaoSys offers enterprise application productivity and compliance solutions for Oracle(R) E-Business platforms. Both companies will benefit from one another's understanding of the global GRC market and its challenges. With BWise as the global GRC platform and CaoSys's compliance solutions, organizations will benefit from an integrated and holistic view on how to design, implement, optimize and deploy a best-in-class GRC platform.

Enable exception reporting

BWise customers will benefit from the integration of continuous monitoring (http://www.bwise.com/grc-challenges/continuous-controls-monitoring) and reporting capabilities on potential Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts in their Oracle E-Business platforms. The traditional approach in GRC projects, where risk management and/or internal control frameworks are reviewed on a manual basis, will be replaced by an automated process of continuously monitoring relevant data from an ERP environment. BWise combined with CaoSys's compliance solution will enable to initialize exception reporting and managing issues while creating a full audit trail in BWise.

Ensure Segregation of Duties and Access Control

A risk-based approach to managing access controls, including exception reporting and signing off on mitigating controls in an integrated GRC environment, is the most effective way to ensure proper SoD and effective access controls in Oracle E-Business environments. Robert Pijselman, CEO of BWise, said "We are proud to welcome CaoSys as one of our strategic business partners. Their deep Oracle E-Business understanding and broad market experience adds value to our existing customer base. The recent integration of CaoSys's CS*Comply/SEsoftware into the BWise GRC platform is an example of the expanding market for integrated GRC solutions."

Save time and money

Craig O'Neill, managing director at CaoSys, said, "We are delighted by this opportunity to join forces with an industry recognized and leading player in this market. It is a strategic choice for CaoSys to select an integrated GRC solution vendor such as BWise as one of our business partners. Their Magic Quadrant positioned GRC solution is the ideal platform to help us broaden our reach and strengthen our brand. By integrating a new standalone edition of our CS*Comply solution into the BWise Enterprise GRC Platform, we are bringing more organizations the opportunity to benefit from the latest in GRC technology to assist them in saving time and money as well as adhere to and fulfill their risk and compliance management requirements." For more information, visit http://www.caosys.com or http://www.bwise.com.