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- "The coolest application for the hottest mobile phone out there"

CellSpin Soft, Inc. ( today announced it is adding Apple's iPhone(TM) to CellSpin's fully featured mobile blogging software platform list.

CellSpin is the first to provide a secure, intelligent, one-click, simple GUI-based mobile application for the iPhone, allowing iPhone users to capture audio, photos and text, or select existing media on the iPhone, and publish that media to one or many of a user's favorite blogging, social networking, photo sharing and/or auction sites simultaneously. These sites include MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Blogger, Picasa, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces, TypePad and eBay, with more to come.

CellSpin's free iPhone application allows users to perform:

-- Voice blogging -- Photo blogging -- Text blogging -- Use CellSpin as a Voice Notes application -- Use Select Media button to post pre-existing media from iPhone -- Use MySpace and Facebook MoBlog application from CellSpin -- Record candid audio conversations and embarrass friends -- Securely post audio, photos and text to live eBay auctions -- Podcast with a click of a button -- Record and send voice meeting minutes instantly to a web blog -- Share media on CellSpin's community blogs, called 'clogs, on various topics -- Record and post live events to become a mobile citizen journalist -- And create your own novel, fun and profitable uses

CellSpin CEO and co-founder Bobby Gurvinder Singh said, "The iPhone is the mobile platform CellSpin was created for. This perfect blend of our elegant application and Apple's sophisticated hardware produces a combination that is intuitive to the user, yet also a tour de force of technical capabilities. CellSpin is the coolest app for the hottest handset in the market today."

Vince Laviano, CellSpin co-founder and Client Architect, said, "We're really excited to bring CellSpin to the iPhone. We've created the Swiss Army knife of mobile blogging software. I can't wait to see all of the things people do with it."

CellSpin's app is free to users worldwide at, and at Apple App Stores under Social Networking.

In addition to the iPhone, CellSpin supports the Symbian, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Palm OS and Blackberry operating systems, with others to follow soon. For a list of the more than 300 handset models that the software currently supports worldwide, go to

About CellSpin Soft, Inc.

CellSpin ( expands the Mobile 2.0 experience by providing a free, secure, intelligent, one-click mobile application that allows users to create and publish any media type -- audio, video, photos and/or text -- to their favorite blogging, social networking and auction sites. CellSpin, headquartered in San Jose, CA. was selected one of the Top 10 Companies to launch at the DEMO conference in January 2008.

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