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- Completed-Scans-Per-Hour Specification Exemplifies Best-in-Class

Contex - the world's leading wide format scanner manufacturer -announced today the inclusion of a new standard for measuring the productivity of its Contex and Vidar award-winning scanners. This new standard measures productivity by number of completed scans in a specified period of time. While inches-per-second is still the accepted standard for large format scanners, many scanner users appreciate a more practical measurement regarding the scanner's productivity. Contex's completed-scans-per-hour provides a more accurate representation of scanner speed and productivity.

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Wide format scanners need to transfer lots of image data to a computer - especially when scanning in color or high resolution. Contex's no- compromise SD and HD series scanners with xDTR (Extended Data Transfer Rate) can scan wider documents in higher resolutions without the scanner stopping or slowing down due to slow data transfer. This raises the overall productivity of the scanner - most visible when measured in completed-scans-per-hour. When compared to scanners without xDTR, the productivity gains increase as resolutions go higher and higher. Independent tests, performed by Buyer's Lab International (BLI) in UK, confirm that the Contex SD4490 offers a significant speed advantage without compromising on image quality.

Brian Honeycutt, Product Manager Wide Format Solutions with Contex, says For years, inches per second (ips) has been the de-facto measurement for performance in large format scanning. While this measurement might look good on paper, the real-world speed is much slower. The only relevant way to compare scanning speed is with a specific document size, over a specific period of time - much like the wide format printing industry. That's why we're now measuring and documenting the number of D/A1-size drawings scanned over an hour, so customers can clearly see the productivity they can achieve with a Contex scanner with xDTR.

Contex continues to list inches-per-second in their specifications as well, so that large format users have two distinct specifications for easy comparison of Contex scanners to other scanners. The following Contex series models include the new productivity specifications: SD4400, HD3600, HD4200, HD5400.

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