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- ComponentOne Studio for iPhone Brings You Controls that Mimic iPhone and iPod touch User Interfaces

With the advent of mobile technology, more and more people are using an iPhone as their on-the-go method of connecting to the World Wide Web. For those who develop Web applications, the task is to build Web applications that mimic the user interface (UI) of the iPhone and iPod touch devices. In response to the trend and demand, ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program, has announced a suite of Microsoft ASP.NET controls named Studio for iPhone.

In the third quarter of 2008, ComponentOne announced the Community Technology Preview of Studio for iPhone. Today, this suite of controls, which allows developers to mimic the look and feel of the iPhone and iPod touch UIs, has been released to general availability.

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone works with the power of ASP.NET to create cutting-edge Web sites that mimic the iPhone and iPod touch UI when rendered in Mobile Safari, said Chris Meredith, product manager at ComponentOne.

Meredith explained that the Studio for iPhone suite includes navigation lists, calendars, views, tab bars, cover flow, and various controls, such as buttons and sliders. They also incorporate the unique iPhone UI elements such as animation, portrait or landscape views, and touch navigation. He went on to mention that ComponentOne Studio for iPhone is the first and only ASP.NET control suite in the industry for building this type of Web application.

With the ComponentOne Studio for iPhone release, developers are introduced to a suite of components previously unavailable, that allows them to easily create iPhone-styled applications using the ASP.NET Framework, said Lauren Cooney, group product manager at Microsoft Corp. Along with sharing our commitment to increasing developer productivity, ComponentOne is working with the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment by allowing ASP.NET developers to create a custom view of Web applications.

Developers will be able to effortlessly build Web applications with Studio for iPhone without the hassle of learning a new technology. All controls are rich AJAX-enabled Web controls. Developers can start building applications from day one, there is no new technology to learn as this suite of controls are AJAX compliant and feature rich client-side object models built on the ASP.NET Framework, said Meredith.

ComponentOne will include Studio for iPhone in their Studio Enterprise offering. Studio Enterprise, the company's flagship product, is a comprehensive suite of visual components. For US$1100 per developer seat, ComponentOne bundles Studio for WinForms, Studio for WPF, Studio for ASP.NET, Studio for Microsoft Silverlight, Studio for iPhone, Studio for Mobile, and Studio for ActiveX together. ComponentOne offers online purchase options at http://www.componentone.com or by telephone at +1-412-681-4343 or +1-800-858-2739.

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ComponentOne has continued leadership in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and has been a partner of Microsoft for more than 20 years. ComponentOne's flagship product, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, is one of the industry's broadest and most complete suite of development components for developing all layers of Windows, Web, and Windows Mobile applications. With the most powerful components designed for the .NET Framework, Studio Enterprise delivers the tools developers need to produce next-generation UIs for Windows and the Web. Studio Enterprise allows developers to create rich user experiences with ASP.NET AJAX-enabled Web interfaces, enterprise-level .NET Windows Forms applications, as well as newly emerging WPF and Silverlight technologies with less code and in less time. ComponentOne is also the provider of Doc-To-Help and DemoWorks. ComponentOne is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information on ComponentOne or its products, visit http://www.componentone.com.

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