WAALWIJK, The Netherlands, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of DOCDATA N.V., held yesterday 13 May 2009, has passed the following resolutions:

- Adoption of the financial statements for the financial year 2008.

- Approval of the reservation and dividend policy, and adoption of the proposed appropriation of the result and the dividend proposal. On 22 May 2009 a dividend of EUR 0.30 per outstanding share will be paid after deducting withholding tax. As from 15 May 2009, the DOCDATA N.V. shares will be listed ex-dividend on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext.

- Discharge of the Management Board for their management in the financial year 2008 and of the Supervisory Board for their supervision in the financial year 2008.

- KPMG Accountants N.V. is granted the audit assignment for the Annual Report for the financial year 2009.

- Approval of the proposed amendment of one of the conditions of the existing option plan.

- Reappointment of Mr. J.A. (Koos) de Vreeze as member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for a term of four years and therefore till May 2013. Mr. De Vreeze was recommended for reappointment on the basis of his extensive managerial and juridical experience and his profound knowledge with regard to retail and the media market. Mr. De Vreeze was appointed as member of the Supervisory Board on 16 May 2002 and was reappointed on 12 May 2005 for a second term of four years. As of 10 May 2007, Mr. De Vreeze is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

- Appointment of Mr. A. (Aat) Schouwenaar as member of the Supervisory Board for a term of four years and therefore till May 2013. Mr. Schouwenaar, former CEO of Endemol Holding N.V., was recommended for appointment on the basis of his extensive managerial experience and his in-depth know-how of financial and economic affairs. The appointment of Mr. Schouwenaar has prevented a vacancy in the Supervisory Board that would have resulted from the retirement of Mr. E.F. (Emiel) van Veen, due to the scheduled end of his term of appointment. The shareholders have gratefully thanked Mr. Van Veen for his energy and commitment for the Company during his many years of service since May 1998.

- Authorisation of the Management Board for a period of 18 months, up to 13 November 2010, to acquire for the Company own shares within the legal and statutory boundaries. Furthermore, designation of the Management Board for that same period as authorised corporate body to resolve on the issue of shares and to restrict or exclude the pre-emption rights upon the issue of shares.

The listed DOCDATA N.V. exists of two lines of business:

Internet service company Docdata (http://www.docdata.com) is a European market leader with a strong basis in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, and exists of four services:

- Docdata commerce - Docdata payments - Docdata fulfilment - Docdata media

Technology company IAI industrial systems ( http://www.iai-industrial-systems.com) is a high tech engineering company specialised in developing and building systems for very accurate and high speed processing of all kinds of products and materials. IAI delivers clients globally in the following sectors:

- securing and personalising of security documents - processing of packaging materials - processing of solar cells - processing of other materials

Corporate website: http://www.docdatanv.com


Further information: DOCDATA N.V., M.E.T. Verstraeten, CFO, Tel. +31-416-631-100