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DermTech, Inc., a biotechnology company developing molecular diagnostics for the early detection of melanoma and other diseases, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Stiefel Laboratories, Inc., the largest, privately owned, dermatology company in the world. The two companies will work together using DermTech's patented EGIR technology and proprietary gene expression assays to identify and further understand the genes involved in causing acne. It is envisioned that data from the feasibility study may be used by Stiefel Laboratories in the development of targeted products to treat this widespread skin condition.

"We are very pleased to initiate this study with Stiefel, a global powerhouse in the development of focused, next-generation dermatology products," said George Schwartz, CEO, DermTech. "Using our EGIR technology, a painless method of collecting RNA from the epidermis and identifying biomarkers of interest, we are confident that we will be able to help confirm and identify the molecular causes of acne."

"Acne has long been regarded as a nuisance condition but for a patient who suffers from frequent outbreaks or chronic blemishes, it is a major source of concern," said Gavin Corcoran, M.D., Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development for Stiefel Laboratories. "We are looking forward to using DermTech's non-invasive 'tape stripping' technology and expertise in analysis to help determine the genes associated with the development of acne. Results from the study may help guide the development of novel, targeted therapeutics."

Specifically, DermTech will provide to Stiefel Laboratories its EGIR skin sampling technology consisting of adhesives that will be applied to the patients' epidermis under an agreed-upon protocol. The adhesives will be sent back to DermTech for RNA extraction and gene expression analysis using quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction techniques (qRT-PCR).

About DermTech:

Headquartered in La Jolla, California, DermTech International ( specializes in the development and validation of molecular tests using specimens derived from the skin. The company's proprietary Epidermal Genetic Information Retrieval (EGIR) technology is being studied in the context of tracking treatment efficacy for a variety of dermatologic and other conditions, including the effects of drugs on skin at the molecular level, and aiding in the diagnosis of disease. DermTech is actively pursuing research using EGIR and its applications toward molecular diagnostics and theranostics in the areas of melanoma, prostate cancer and various skin disorders, such as psoriasis. For additional information, visit

About Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

Founded in 1847, Stiefel Laboratories (a privately held company) is the world's largest independent pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology. The company manufactures and markets a variety of prescription and non-prescription dermatological products. Some of the newest and best-known brands include Duac(R) (clindamycin, 1% - benzoyl peroxide, 5%) Topical Gel; Evoclin(R) (clindamycin phosphate, 1%) Foam; Luxiq(R) (betamethasone valerate, 0.12%) Foam; MimyX(R); Olux(TM) (clobetasol propionate, 0.05%) Foam; Olux-E(TM) (clobetasol propionate, 0.05%) Foam; Soriatane(R) (acitretin) CK CONVENIENCE KIT(TM); Verdeso(TM) (desonide, 0.05%) Foam; Brevoxyl(R) (benzoyl peroxide, 4% or 8%) Creamy Wash packaged in the convenient new BREVOXYL Acne Wash Kit; Extina(R) (ketoconazole, 2%) Foam; Oilatum(R); Physiogel(R); Stieprox(R) (ciclopirox olamine); REVALESKIN(TM); and Sarna(R). Its wholly-owned global network is comprised of more than 30 subsidiaries, manufacturing plants in six countries, research and development facilities on four continents, and products marketed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Stiefel Laboratories supplements its R&D efforts by seeking strategic partnerships and acquisitions around the world. To learn more about Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. visit

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