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- to Start Offering the Only Non-Intrusive Advertising Video Solution

Diagonal View, the leading video content provider in the U.K. which serves over 30 million online videos a month in Europe, and Arti-Media, a company that brings ingenuity to video monetization, announced today that Diagonal View is utilizing Arti-Media's Target-Ad(TM) service; a service that increases revenue thru non-intrusive advertising.

This is a win-win for us, said Matt Heiman, Founder of Diagonal View, Target-Ad, through its simple integration for, has increased our revenue stream and provides advertising in a non-intrusive manner in non-action frames, a key element of keeping and engaging our viewers.

Diagonal View packages quirky and unique archive content from ITN Source's ( one million hours of footage delivering 40 million video views every month across 10 digital platforms.

We are very pleased to be working with an industry leader like Diagonal View, said Sagi Gordon, Vice President of Business Development. This revolutionary solution provides a high engagement which reflects in high Ecpm's and automatically monetizes their large volume of videos without human intervention.

Arti-Media is the only provider of this unique solution, which is the placement of standard IAB advertisements that do not interfere with the content of the video.

About Diagonal View

Diagonal View ( is a digital production house, jointly owned by ITN's archive division, ITN Source, and digital entrepreneur Matt Heiman. Diagonal View packages quirky and unique archive content from ITN Source's one million hours of footage and syndicates it to commercial partners including MSN, MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo and Bebo. Diagonal View and U-Zoo, an animal based channel, are fast becoming popular on social networks and online outlets picking up over 250 million views to date since launch in March 2008.

More information about Diagonal View is available online at

About Target-Ad

Target-ad creates ad inventory by locating space that does not have content and placing an advertisement in that location. Automatically, without human intervention, the solution then uses this information to automatically place relevant ads (based on standard IAB banners) within a video. This method highly engages the user and optimizes advertising effectiveness by being able to support high volumes of publishers' videos, which is reflected in a higher Ecpm's for the publisher. Examples of this solution can be found at

About Arti-Media

Arti-Media is a global leader in value-added monetization services for online video and has partnerships with the worlds leading portals. The Company is a subsidiary of Artivision Technologies Ltd (SGX - Singapore Exchange, CATALIST: ARTIVIS), an international video content analysis (VCA) technology pioneer. More information about Arti-Media is available online at

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