NORRKOPING, Sweden, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Dreampark, one of the leading IPTV middleware providers on the European market, announced today that it will exhibit at the 2009 IPTV World Forum, March 25-27 in London, and demonstrate how the new Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) technology in its Dreamgallery(TM) middleware is able to bring the IPTV user experience to a new level.

With SVG we are getting very close to the user experience provided by embedded devices like Apple TV and high-end game consoles, without compromising flexibility and standards compliance, said Dreampark CTO Bjorn Lang. We are proud to demonstrate our continued dedication to the SVG standard and show how operators can gain full control of their TV portal to provide the most engaging solution for subscribers.

Dreampark announced full commitment to the SVG standard last year based on its ability to optimize the speed and performance of IPTV services. Slated for pre-commercial deployment in fall of this year, Dreampark's SVG Client brings the following improvements to the Dreamgallery middleware software suite:

- Crystal clear graphics and high quality user interface in HD resolution - Two to ten times faster and more responsive performance than the HTML client running on the same hardware - Graphics animations (HD resolution VoD cover flows, etc.) - Drastically improved flexibility in administration and customization of the TV portal using the Dreamgallery Portal Generator - Further improved extendibility on the client thanks to a new flexible application framework

Visit Dreampark at Stand 234 at the IPTV World Forum 2009.

About Dreampark

Dreampark's Dreamgallery(TM) is the most deployed IPTV middleware in Europe. Dreamgallery is a robust and revenue-generating solution delivered to some of the world's first commercial IPTV deployments. Clients include Boxer, Canal Digital, Dansk Bredband, Magnet Networks, Next Gen Tel, Teracom and ViaSat.

Dreampark's strong commitment to provide the best performing browser-based client on the market is based on end user research and has resulted in a unique combination of outstanding user friendliness, openness, flexibility and TV application feel. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts: - Jennifer Hicks, +31(20)7084700, - Alex Crabb, +1-617-477-6885 ext. 1,

Media Contacts: - Jennifer Hicks, +31(20)7084700, - Alex Crabb, +1-617-477-6885 ext. 1,