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Dyadem today announced that it is expanding its presence in Europe in order to support its growing European customer base. Dyadem, the leader in Operational and Quality Risk Management, has seen its revenues grow 357% from 2003 to 2008, and now has offices in Paris and Amsterdam to complement its existing infrastructure in London, Houston and its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Dyadem's software helps companies of all sizes centralize and integrate their Operational and Quality Risk Management initiatives and comply with various industry regulations and standards. It provides a way for companies to better manage the quality of the products that carry their brand and reduce the risks associated with bringing those products to market.

Building its international sales team, Dyadem has hired Bruno Navarrete to lead its development in France and Southern Europe and Arie Kievit to lead business development in the Netherlands and Northern Europe. Kievit joins Dyadem from AspenTech where he held the role of Global Account Director and has also served as BENULUX Country Manager at i2 Technologies and Manugistics where he gained experience in the discrete manufacturing industry and with ERP software systems. Kievit holds an MBA and is fluent in Dutch, German and English.

Bruno Navarrete joins Dyadem from EPIC Data where he was the country manager for France. He conducted new business development towards industrial companies especially in Electronics and Military sectors. Previously, he worked at Formations Systems where he gained knowledge of product lifecycle management for the Consumer Product Goods industry. Navarrete has gained broad experience in both process and discrete industries while working for AspenTech, as Sales Director Southern Europe in Oil Gas, and Baan, where he was responsible for a profit center in France for the Automotive industry vertical. He is fluent in French and English and holds degrees in science and math as well as an MBA.

Dyadem's Stature platform is built on the principles of continuous improvement, providing a single enterprise platform to identify, measure, mitigate and communicate risks to all stakeholders within an organization. This helps companies identify risk factors and improve Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) compliance and bring better quality products to market faster.

Global and regional regulations are becoming increasingly complex, and companies that silo information into several proprietary risk management systems are incapable of easily restructuring data or templates when a regulatory report needs to be generated or edited with new specifications.

Dyadem helps organizations to accurately capture trends, implement preventive measures, efficiently execute processes, and make informed decisions based on project and business process performance, all in real-time. Stature is a Web-based software solution that allow users throughout the world to securely work and collaborate as a single virtual team.

Dyadem was recently honored as one of Canada's fastest-growing companies and was named one of the most promising companies in Red Herring 100 North America. Its Stature software also received accolades by Network Products Guide, as the winner of the 2009 Best Products and Services Award for Best in Regulatory Compliance and a 2009 Product Innovation Award in the software category.

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Dyadem is the market leader in Operational Risk Management and Quality Risk Management solutions. Dyadem provides software and services that empower companies to discover and manage the risks to people and products in the design and manufacturing processes. Dyadem helps some of the world's largest companies achieve regulatory compliance and business continuity, serving the oil gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace and defense industries. For more information, visit

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