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Dyadem announced today that its Stature software solution was selected by the consulting firm Kenexis as the platform for its SIS Design Basis Toolkit. Dyadem's software will allow Kenexis to assist in the development of design basis information for engineering safeguards (such as safety instrumented systems) for the oil gas production, refining, and petrochemical industries. The software platform provided by Dyadem, the market leader in Quality Lifecycle Management and Risk Lifecycle Management solutions, helps Kenexis verify and validate projects and reduce risks before they turn into costly problems for customers.

Through the use of Dyadem's Stature platform, Kenexis' SIS Design Basis Toolkit is able to generate near immediate reports for customers that previously took days to compile because multiple teams working across the globe can work on the same project file in real time. For example, on a new project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Kenexis consultants were able to simultaneously work on and update the reliability database, along with a third party contractor, and representatives for the end users and get immediate feedback on Safety Integrity Level (SIL) data. SIL is a way to indicate the tolerable probability of failure on demand of a particular safety function. Previously, SIL information resided with one analyst on one computer and was not easy to share.

Kenexis is using the Dyadem Stature platform to perform Safety Instrumented System design basis development which includes SIL selection using Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Risk Graph and Risk Matrix, and also SIL verification calculations. The use of Dyadem's Stature platform results in more efficient work processes for Kenexis and its customers. Kenexis is able to help its customers make their plants safer and more productive by ensuring the mechanical integrity of their equipment. Process industry companies need to reduce the risk posed by their operation by designing and maintaining their safety instrumented systems in a way that provides the required amount of risk reduction. Stature was the only solution that would allow Kenexis to provide their toolkit application to internal consultants, external contractors, and operating company representatives on one common platform, in real time, globally.

Helping customers develop their safety instrumented system design basis is the cornerstone of Kenexis' business. The most typical accidents that occur in the process industries involve equipment failure, which can result in catastrophic harm to both personnel and the environment and can prove to be costly for the company. Engineering safeguards such as safety instrumented systems take action when processes are out of line and potentially dangerous, and return them to a safe state. Kenexis uses Stature to help identify where safeguards are required, select required SILs, and quantitatively verify the achievement of those SILs. The collaboration level that Dyadem's software provides allows Kenexis and its customers to prepare and maintain the SIS design basis, through a centralized database available to both Kenexis and the customer.

Our customers depend on having real-time access to their data. Prior to implementing Dyadem's Stature platform we were working off stand alone applications that were not only time consuming, but also limited the amount of data that could be reported, said Edward Marszal, President and Principal Engineer of Kenexis. Dyadem's enterprise software simply overshadowed the use of stand-alone applications and provides a more streamlined design process.

In addition to helping to set performance targets, Kenexis is able to make quantitative reliability calculations that verify performance targets are met. This was only possible because of Stature's flexibility and configurability which allowed Kenexis to develop custom templates with special custom algorithms that perform the detailed calculations required to perform SIL verification. This type of customization was only possible on Dyadem's software platform.

A facility's success hinges on its ability to reduce risk and increase safety, said Kevin North, President and CEO of Dyadem. Dyadem's software is unique in that it accommodates quantitative methodologies that provide a more objective basis for risk acceptability compared to qualitative techniques alone.

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Kenexis assists organizations in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil and gas production, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries make their plants safer and more productive by helping to ensure the mechanical integrity of engineered safeguards that protect these plants. This is done by employing core skills of risk analysis, reliability engineering and process and equipment engineering, to design and maintain these systems, providing compliance with appropriate regulations and standards and benchmarking against industry best practices. For more information, visit

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