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Dyadem, the leader in Operational and Quality Risk Management, today announced a major upgrade to its Stature enterprise Risk Management platform. Stature 4.0 will enable Dyadem's customers to make more informed and strategic decisions about the production processes and products they manage.

The Stature platform is built on the principles of continuous improvement, providing a single enterprise platform to identify, measure, mitigate and communicate safety and quality risks to all stakeholders within an organization. This helps companies understand risk factors and improve Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) compliance and bring better quality products to market.

Every manufacturer tolerates and operates with some form of risk. Whether it is managing the quality of the products that carry your brand or the risk associated with your production processes, companies need advanced solutions that cater to everyone touching the product and process -- from the drawing board to the boardroom -- in order to make informed decisions, said Kevin North, President and CEO of Dyadem. Stature provides a platform that ensures continuous communication throughout operational and quality risk management, removing the proverbial walls that often exist between departments or business units. This allows our customers to better understand the risk factors that can affect their business and to be more proactive in mitigating those risks.

Global and regional regulations are becoming increasingly complex, and companies that silo information into several proprietary risk management systems are incapable of easily restructuring data or templates when a regulatory report needs to be generated or edited with new specifications. The Stature 4.0 suite integrates Risk Assessment, Risk Registry, Change Management, Incident Management, Failure Mode Management, Safety Management, Action Tracking, Corrective Measures and Vulnerability Management into an overall solution that allows organizations to accurately capture trends, implement preventive measures, efficiently execute processes, and make informed decisions based on project and business process performance, all in real-time. The Stature platform is a Web-based solution that allows users throughout the world to securely work and collaborate as a single virtual team.

Safety, Health and Environment

Ensuring that a system is in place to manage the actual and potential health hazards and consequent risks arising from activities, products and services is critical for organizations to maintain and allows them to react quickly and foresee hazards. Stature 4.0 provides a fully integrated platform that allows organizations to run Management of Change (MOC) and Incident Management projects effectively and accurately across the enterprise. The Stature platform excels in its ability to effectively allow organization to manage Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSRs) and Process Safety Management (PSM) checklists within the integrated MOC framework as well as with existing third-party maintenance management systems such as Maximo and SAP. Security, history and audit logs are available to ensure that transparency and compliance and standards are enforced and auditable.

Product Quality Execution

A fractured quality process results in repeat issues leading to FDA ISO certification challenges, poor visibility into production-related risks, stalled continuous improvement and ultimately, product recalls. Stature 4.0 solutions allows companies to create a closed-loop quality planning process that spans the design and production environments and links post-market events, like warranty claims, with risk and failure analysis studies. Unlike other systems that rely on unstructured data and file-based approaches, Stature 4.0 manages and aggregates data directly across the organization to create a common taxonomy, allowing executives to validate for themselves that operations are done correctly and on-time with the necessary cross-functional reviews.

Homeland Security

Stature provides applications that enable process, oil and gas, and chemical facilities to improve their security systems through detailed Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) studies. Stature is designed to help organizations put corporate-wide security policies and programs into place and aid in the adoption of regulations now and in the future. Stature has preformatted industry standard templates for CCPS's SVA, API/NPRA's SVA for Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries, RAMCAP -- Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Production, CFATS -- Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, and VAM -- Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Chemical Facilities.


Stature 4.0 allows organizations to create a common language for risk across the organization along with standardized libraries that enables organization to track, measure and communicate consistently. Stature allows organizations to address a host of standards including: Process Safety Management (OSHA 1910.119, COMAH), TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14971, AS/NZS 4360, J1739, ARP 5580, MIL STD 1629A, IEC 60182, ISO/TS 14949, APQP, ISO 14121, ISO 14971, RCM2 book, SAE JA1011, SAE JA1012, IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ANS/ISA 84 and many others.

Stature 4.0 is built on industry-based standards and provides an open architecture, APIs and Web services that allows for easy integration to other systems. Support for exporting data to user-friendly and standard formats such as Word, Excel, XML, PDF, and Text along with user-defined formats are provided. E-mail notification, scheduling and escalations are provided with all the Stature solutions. Stature 4.0 is available immediately in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

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