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- Emailvision is First Email Service Provider to Offer an Integrated Multi-Variable Testing (MVT) Service in Email

Marketers can now automatically test, optimise and deploy the most effective and relevant content for email marketing campaigns.

Emailvision, the global leader in email marketing software as a service, now offers real-time multi-variable testing (MVT) in email marketing campaigns.

It means marketers can now automatically test many different creatives and offer variables, and ensure they get it right first time. Different images within the email are tested and the most successful combination automatically rolled out after a statistically valid sample has responded to the email campaign. This increases content relevance, response and revenues on-the-fly.

Marketers can also access real time response reports to understand which element of a campaign is driving the best results.

Many of our clients have been using MVT to optimise their web sites and landing pages, now they can automate the testing and optimisation of their email marketing campaigns, said Nick Heys, CEO and founder of Emailvision. Our clients that have started using this new service have seen immediate increases in revenues by up to 20 percent.

About Emailvision (

Emailvision is the global market and technology leader in on-demand software for email marketing automation.

The Emailvision flagship software product, Campaign Commander(TM), has become the industry standard email marketing software service for E-commerce and publishing companies with over 4500 users worldwide. The company has a staff of over 200 and offices in the major international markets including US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain. Emailvision (ALEMV) was founded in 1999 and is listed on the NYSE Euronext Alternext stock exchange.

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For further press information and photography, please contact: Patrick Hussey at LEWIS, the PR agency, Tel: +44-161-457-2050, Fax: +44-161-457-2051, Email: