NEWBURY, England, July 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Magiq ( has launched its on-demand ( site personalization ( and CRM services for marketing agencies. The services are built around a suite of easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go tools that allow agencies to offer clients dynamic online personalization ( and lead generation campaigns for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

For the first time, agencies can provide clients with the chance to benefit from the level of personalization and customer engagement previously only available to large organizations. It avoids the time and expense of having to employ armies of programmers, analysts and taggers to implement traditional personalization, CRM and targeted marketing programs. It automatically captures key events and information such as e-mail address, organization, location and visitor history, and dynamically personalizes sites and communications using this data.

The core principal of Magiq is that it is easy to use. By utilizing the services, agencies can implement and run online campaigns for their clients without having to involve their IT teams, or wait for site updates, explains Malcolm Duckett, CEO at Magiq. It is quick and easy to deploy fresh, online campaigns in response to news events, product launches, customer interests or promotions.

Magiq transforms digital marketing by allowing agencies to quickly make a client's site dynamically adapt to every visitor, providing relevant and compelling content. Unlike multivariate testing (MVT) tools, it allows the agency to exploit its creative skills in campaign and message design by providing information about each online visitor, their interests and history with the client's business. This allows the agency to build tailored campaigns that demonstrate and utilize its expertise rather than relying on automatic 'dumb' products to make best-guess decisions.

About Magiq

Magiq, the on-demand digital marketing company, is dedicated to helping marketers communicate more efficiently, freely and effectively with their online customers using data captured from each visitor.

Magiq provides marketers with easy-to-use, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go, online services that compile and use customers' online behavior and history to optimize and personalize digital marketing communications to the individual.

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