NEWBURY, England, November 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Magiq the on-demand digital marketing company, has today launched to the global corporate marketing sector, a suite of easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go, online services. Magiq allows marketing teams to conduct website content personalization campaigns and optimize their digital marketing communications to the individual customer through trigger-based online marketing, based on real-time behavioural activity data and historic profiles of the visitors and customers.

Magiq allows marketers to subscribe to on-demand digital marketing services which provide increased content relevance to customers, and automated CRM solutions which help online businesses have more meaningful and timely dialogue with their audience. With a low-risk, pay-as-you-go, short-term business model with minute-by-minute management and a simple, single, one-off web-site change, Magiq's services allow marketers to set-up dynamic website content personalization campaigns, whilst also delivering individual customer engagement.

Magiq computes and records key events and metrics (such as RFM scores, contact details, location and purchase history) and saves these in the customer database it builds for the site. The Magiq services then capitalise on both the real-time visitor activity and the captured historical data to dynamically personalise web content and present the message to each individual customer, or provide lead nurturing and anti-defection tools.

These services include:

- Magiq Chameleon - a dynamic landing page optimizer that adapts content for each visitor in real-time according to the search term they used to find the site, making the site appear to be the perfect destination for the query - a completely new concept! Negates the need for expensive Google Adword campaigns, whilst also improving search engine rankings and conversion rates. - Magiq Locale - a website content optimization tool that allows marketers to automatically insert location-specific content in real-time, as determined by exactly where the visitor is in the world. Recognising almost 250,000 individual locations, Magiq Locale can for instance present information on local contacts and dealers, pricing appropriate to the country, region or town or it can even adapt the site's language or national colours. - Magiq Retain - an automated anti-defection solution which provides the site owner lists of customers who appear to be at risk of abandoning the brand, before they actually do, based upon the capturing of session/behavioural data and the building and filtering of individual customer RFM profiles. - Magiq Prospect - a lead generation solution that generates lists of returning, interested 'ready-to-buy' online visitors, including their email addresses, location and interests, equipping marketers with the information required to act on real-time 'hot' sales leads. - Magiq Smart - a trigger-based online marketing solution that presents content based upon a combination of the current session, but also the details of the customer's history, rather than relying on real-time data alone. For example, content can be presented to visitors if they have filled a shopping cart but not purchased on return, or if one of their products purchased on a previous visit is now up for renewal, or if the new, regular visitor still has not made an initial purchase, and may need a special offer to influence them to make that initial purchase.

Once the Marketing teams have opened their Magiq account they are free to use any or all of Magiq's on-demand digital marketing services - website content personalization or trigger-based online marketing - on a pay-as-you-go basis and set budgets for each campaign. This allows them to experiment with new trigger-based online marketing ideas and creative campaigns without risking established ones, or over-running their budgets. Magiq provides alerts for when the budget limit is close to being reached and will stop adapting the site when the pre-set budget is exhausted, ensuring that extra and unexpected spend is not accrued.

Malcolm Duckett, VP Operations at Magiq, the on-demand digital marketing company, comments, The core principle of Magiq and its on-demand digital marketing services, is ease of use. We wanted to free the marketing teams from all the pain and costs of continual manual website changes. Once Magiq has been enabled on a site - typically a 5 minute task - they are then free to use any of the website content personalization or trigger-based online marketing services in any way they choose. This will reduce the demand on IT teams for urgent website changes and make day-to-day campaign management far simpler for creative, marketing and agency staff. Deploying fresh online campaigns in response to news events, product launches or simply new ideas can now be instant!

The payment structure for Magiq is on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a minimum monthly fee of $850 (about GBP500). Budget limits can also be set, allowing marketers to apportion set costs to the initiatives, track precise spend and easily identify return on investment via increased conversion rates.

Duckett concludes, All of our services, and indeed our underlying philosophy, are based upon the importance of understanding online customers, appreciating them as individuals and engaging in relevant dialogue with them either in real-time on the website, or through other CRM means such as call centres or emails. The launch represents merely the tip of the iceberg for the Magiq portfolio - the potential for leveraging the broad-ranging data is enormous.

About Magiq

Magiq, the on-demand digital marketing company, is dedicated to helping marketers communicate more efficiently, freely and effectively with their online customers using data captured from each visitor.

Magiq provides marketers with easy-to-use, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go, online services that compile and use customers' online behaviour and history to optimise and personalise digital marketing communications to the individual.

Magiq uses teams of 'Gnomes' to power the services - a descriptive metaphor for those Magiq users with a non-technical mindset reflecting the service-not-technology nature of Cloud-based solutions. So Gnomes can be hired and given simple and intuitive rules and budgets by the Magiq user to adjust the banners, graphics and text on a page, or identify and categorise a 'hot' leads or potentially defecting customers.

Magiq's solutions actually use advanced, proven Web 2.0 Technology and analytics to compile data about customers and visitors. By linking Magiq's automated digital marketing programs to data about individual customers, and their behaviour and history of dealing with the site, Magiq can help marketing teams increase conversion rates, improve customer experience and increase customer engagement with the site, brand and products.

For further information, please contact:

Malcolm Duckett Magiq Tel: +44(0)1635-232-186 Fax: +44(0)1635-230-435 Will Gardiner itpr Tel: +44(0)1932-578-800 Fax: +44(0)1932-578-801


CONTACT: For further information, please contact: Malcolm Duckett, Magiq,Tel: +44(0)1635-232-186, Fax: +44(0)1635-230-435; Will Gardiner, itpr, Tel:+44(0)1932-578-800, Fax: +44(0)1932-578-801