NEWBURY, England, December 7 /PRNewswire/ -- FBTO, the Dutch insurance company, has enjoyed a 15% increase in online conversion rates since using newly-launched digital trigger-based marketing ( and real-time personalisation technology from Magiq

One of Magiq's ( early adopters, FBTO utilised the Magiq Smart and Magiq Prospect concepts to promote its three most popular products - car, home and health insurance.

Magiq provides marketers with easy-to-use, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go, online services that compile and use customers' online behaviour and history to optimise and through real-time personalisation ( and trigger-based marketing, personalise digital marketing communications to the individual.

Jeroen Sijbom, Marketing Intelligence Specialist at FBTO, comments, Providing relevant content on your website to each individual customer is critical in online retail. With the new technology, we are able to do exactly this - we can identify where in the sales cycle individual visitors are, and therefore adapt the messaging accordingly. For example, if the visitor seems to be just browsing and it is their first visit to our site, no specific material would be displayed and the standard home page would remain. However, with what has now been launched as Magiq Smart, we are able to identify if the user has visited us several times previously and, based upon what they have looked at before and what they are looking at right now, whether they appear to be interested in the target insurance products. If so, the technology is able to adapt the page instantly with the content we provide, to encourage the visitor to look at further product information, or even the insurance premium calculator. This method of targeted promotion, and appreciating our visitors' individual motivations, has given us an immediate boost 15% to our conversion rates.

The collation of data on visitors' interactions with the website also allowed FBTO to take advantage of a second aspect of the trigger-based marketing and real-time personalization technology - now launched as Magiq Prospect. Sijbom explains, Where visitors had calculated their premiums on the site, but not subsequently purchased any of the products they were looking at, their contact information was sent to our outbound call centre. Armed with the detailed customer information that was captured, the call centre teams were able to convert one in three of the prospects - directly resulting in extra revenue, as these were probably products we would not have been able to sell to these customers.

FBTO is also looking at potentially adopting other products in the Magiq suite of services, for instance Magiq Retain - an automated anti-defection solution which provides lists of customers who appear to be at risk of abandoning the brand, before they actually do. Sijbom explains, If we are able to identify early the customers who read the pages on the terms and conditions to ending their contracts with us, we would be able to proactively contact them and tackle the particular issue they may be having, therefore potentially dramatically reducing our defection rate.

About Magiq

Magiq, the on-demand digital marketing company, is dedicated to helping marketers communicate more efficiently, freely and effectively with their online customers using data captured from each visitor.

Magiq provides marketers with easy-to-use, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go, online services that compile and use customers' online behaviour and history to optimise and personalise digital marketing communications to the individual.

Magiq uses teams of 'Gnomes' to power the services - a descriptive metaphor for those users with a non-technical mindset reflecting the service-not-technology nature of Cloud-based solutions. So Gnomes can be hired and given simple and intuitive rules and budgets by the user to adjust the banners, graphics and text on a page, or identify and categorise a 'hot' leads or potentially defecting customers.

Magiq's solutions actually use advanced, proven Web 2.0 Technology and analytics to compile data about customers and visitors. By linking the automated digital marketing programs to data about individual customers, and their behaviour and history of dealing with the site, the software can help marketing teams increase conversion rates, improve customer experience and increase customer engagement with the site, brand and products.

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