LONDON, October 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- myThings, an innovator in personalised retargeting, today announced the roll out of their Adaptive Banner Technology - enhancing their personalised retargeting solution for UK and European advertisers.

myThings' personalised retargeting enables optimising ads ( according to the users' prior shopping experience. Recent research from comScore proved that retargeting outperformed leading online ad tactics myThings provides leading retailers in the UK and Europe, including Republic, PriceMinister, PIXMania and Etam, with a solution for targeting visitors after they leave the retailer's website, turning lost prospects into buyers.

Though online advertising has long provided the promise of unlimited targeting opportunities in order to most effectively match the user's needs, in reality, most online display ad campaigns are limited to three or four creative implementations. With the same sophistication of a search engine marketing campaign, where thousands of key words are optimised across hundreds of ad texts, myThings Adaptive Banner technology enables implementing an unlimited number of truly personalised retargeted creative implementations, resulting in a significant increase in conversions versus other retargeting solution providers.

myThings Adaptive Banner technology facilitates optimising the ad creative by generating a nearly limitless pool of banner ad creative variations, and then optimising performance, so that the most effective adaptive banner ads are displayed. This technology enables automatic banner generation by mixing and matching banner elements including background image and style, size, colour, font, number of products, call-to-action, slogan and more. Then, myThings' proprietary machine-learning technology monitors ad performance per publisher, placement, days / time of day, frequency, and automatically generates the optimal creative variation in order to maximise conversions

Beyond the company's proprietary Adaptive Banner technology and personalised retargeting solutions, myThings offers a risk free, CPA (Cost Per Action) business model which enables retailers to start benefiting from myThings' solutions and increases their conversion rates with no upfront cost. The CPA business model results in myThings serving fewer, more targeted ads to avoid user dissatisfaction and brand overexposure. Furthermore, myThings provides users with a control option courtesy of the opt-out link featured in every single ad.

As one of the UK's largest privately-owned fashion retailers, MCo ( was looking for opportunities to convert lost website prospects into customers ( MCo turned to myThings to use the company's technology in order to re-target site visitors after they left MCo's website with relevant and personalised product offerings, in order to drive return traffic and improve return conversions.

myThings turn-key personalised retargeting optimisation engine analysed on-site browsing behaviour and then created individualised, dynamic ad banners, targeted at MCo's site visitors as they surf the Internet. By optimising these personalised retargeted ads according to performance, myThings was able to deliver a 762% lift in return conversions

We're thrilled with the 762% increase in return conversions we're generating with myThings personalised retargeting, said Nichola Toner, Website Services Controller, MCo. With myThings new Adaptive Banner technology, we expect an additional improvement in the already great performance they're generating because of the broader range and greater optimisation of the creative to the user's needs.

myThings Adaptive Banner technology, which can now deliver in excess of 700% increase in return conversion rates for our retailing customers, provides retailers with the opportunity of converting lost prospects into buyers, in a privacy-friendly manner, said David Kiashek, Managing Director, UK for myThings.

About myThings

Founded in 2005 by technology and retail executives, myThings is the fastest growing personalised retargeting company in Europe. With over a billion impressions a month, myThings is offering performance based (CPA) display ad solutions that deliver over 700% uplift in return conversions for the top online retailers. Our offices are located in UK, France, Italy, Spain and China

myThings was chosen as the preferred, often exclusive, personalised retargeting provider by the top affiliate networks, ad agencies and analytics and ecommerce platforms, such as Coremetrics, XiTi, Venda and Affiliate Window, seamlessly integrating with their existing tags

Contact info: Uriah Av-Ron PR for myThings Email: Tel: +972-50-7-427-087

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CONTACT: Uriah Av-Ron, PR for myThings, Email:, Tel:+972-50-7-427-087