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- MyThings Rich-Content, Customised Retargeting Ad Strategy Proves Successful for Retail Giant PIXmania

Having successfully delivered a significant increase over non-customised online ads, has selected MyThings to manage and deliver the company's behavioural targeting ad campaigns across Europe.

Behavioural targeting has long proven successful in exponentially increasing ROI for online stores. As a leader in the competitive domain of consumer electronics, PIXmania is well aware of the need to continuously expand and improve the company's advertising strategy. After researching the various technologies, and comparing performance results, Pixmania selected MyThings Rich-Content Customised Retargeting as the company's exclusive behavioural targeting platform throughout the 26 countries in which it operates.

Based on proprietary algorithms developed in conjunction with analytics expert Nuconomy, MyThings Rich-Content Customised Retargeting is able to determine which products are of interest to site shoppers at different stages of the purchasing cycle. MyThings then tailors the ad message delivered to fit the consumer's exact state of mind, dramatically increasing the content's relevance and impact.

MyThings Rich-Content Customised Retargeting does not save any personally identifiable information, and functions wholly within the privacy guidelines of both the U.S. and the E.U.

The results, as PIXmania discovered, are an impressive increase in conversion rates and a dramatic decrease in the cost of acquisition.

MyThings Rich-Content Customised Retargeting has proven an excellent addition to our overall advertising strategy, commented Celine Vuillequez, Marketing Director, Fotovista ( Once someone has seen a product on our site, we know that they are interested. Showing them carefully targeted ads at appropriate intervals, not only brings these shoppers back to our site, it also improves the consumer experience. Site visitors appreciate the personalised messages, including product specific sales and promotions, which help them in the shopping process.

PIXmania is a true market leader in one of the most competitive fields, responded Anat Amibar, VP of Product Marketing. It is a testament to the strength of our product that PIXmania has chosen MyThings to handle their entire retargeting account.

MyThings Behavioural Targeting tools dramatically increase the average lifetime value (LTV) of site visitors and optimize sales for online retailers by targeting the right user, with the right message, at the right time.

About MyThings

MyThings is the premier provider of product-related content to increase conversions and ROI for online stores. With the most comprehensive pre- and post purchase product-related content database, matched to its global registry of people's belongings, MyThings provides retailers and OEMs with the rich content and services that optimize sales and boost retention rates. MyThings also owns, an international database of lost and stolen property used by the world's top auction houses and law enforcement agencies. Founded in 2004, MyThings has offices in London, England; Paris, France; Chicago, USA; and Tel Aviv, Israel.

About PIXmania

Established in 2000, is the largest European consumer electronic products store on the Internet. Present in 26 countries, has 25 million unique visitors per month and more than six million customers. With over 800,000 products, and 1,300 employees, owes its success to the high level of availability of its products, its low prices, its speed of delivery and its numerous other associated services.

Contact: David Kiashek, VP Sales Business Development, MyThings Europe UK Tel.: +44-870-767-3465 US Tel.: +1-605-488-7960 E:

Contact: David Kiashek, VP Sales Business Development, MyThings Europe, UK Tel.: +44-870-767-3465, US Tel.: +1-605-488-7960, E: