DALLAS, December 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The result of a major technology displacement, the Entrust, Inc., public key infrastructure technology (PKI) is now available to the Italian market as a cost-effective hosted service. Intesa, a trusted certification authority (CA) and subsidiary of IBM, has switched from the incumbent PKI provider to offer new and existing customers Entrust Managed Services PKI products and capabilities.

"Intesa is continually seeking methods for improving service and technology for its customers," said Intesa CEO Ugo Di Pietro. "This opportunity enables us to provide a proven, cost-effective hosted PKI platform that is ready to grow with evolving technology, the security requirements of our business and, ultimately, the needs of our customers. That versatility was key in our decision to switch hosted PKI platforms."

Entrust's agreement with Intesa displaces the incumbent PKI provider. Intesa now offers new customers Entrust hosted PKI solutions but also helps existing customers migrate to the managed service. One of the key differentiators for the market, Entrust is invested in providing better service and more advanced technology like elliptic curve cryptography.

"Entrust's world-leading PKI capabilities enable strong IT vendors like Intesa to offer security solutions to customers who demand the best - especially as technology quickly evolves," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "Couple our best-in-class PKI capabilities with unparallel service and it's a compelling formula for customers."

The Entrust PKI, whether deployed on customer premises or as a software-as-a-service, allows organizations to establish and maintain a trustworthy environment by providing certificates that secure many off-the-shelf applications using encryption, digital signatures and strong authentication. This PKI platform helps control access to resources, prevent theft of information and comply with privacy and digital signature regulations.

Modular and fully integrated, the Entrust Authority PKI is built on the foundation of trust and audit for issuing and managing users' digital identities. A PKI establishes and maintains a trustworthy networking environment by providing key and certificate management services that enable authentication, encryption and digital signature capabilities across applications - all in a manner that is transparent and easy to use.

Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Intesa has been an accredited CA since March 2001. Intesa supplies digital signature and logic security services through its PKI. Since 1987, Intesa has been trading as a leading provider of qualified services/solutions. The company has more than 8,000 companies using its comprehensive portfolio of IT services.

About Entrust

Entrust provides identity-based security solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, citizens and Web sites in more than 4,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. Entrust's identity-based approach offers the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. For strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and PKI, call 888-690-2424, e-mail entrust@entrust.com or visit http://www.entrust.com.

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