TORONTO, Canada, February 1 /PRNewswire/ --

Budding young physicists, age 16 and 17, can now apply to attend the 'International Summer School for Young Physicists' (ISSYP) at Perimeter Institute (PI), the independent, non-profit research center in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

International students from all around the world are invited to apply and be challenged by some of the most fascinating ideas about how the universe works - from the weird quantum world of atoms to black holes, warped spacetime and the expanding universe.

Participation includes classes and small group mentoring sessions with the international scientists at Perimeter Institute. Lab tours, social events and other activities make this a life changing experience for highly motivated students who attend from across Canada and around the world.

There is also a summer science workshop for teachers in two sessions during the month of July. Participants will enjoy the 'Einstein Plus' workshops with unique opportunities to explore cutting edge ideas in modern physics with the international scientists at Perimeter Institute, learn new and innovative teaching strategies to take back home and share with others, and enjoy social events with other dynamic educators from across Canada and around the world who share the same passion for physics.

Details for all student and teacher workshops are available at, including camp dates, application forms, deadlines, and information regarding expenses covered while in Canada.