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- Imagination is more important than knowledge... Albert Einstein

If we adhere to the words of the great Albert Einstein we would be lead to believe that a person's imagination holds the key to any great discovery. Could then imagination be the key to fixing what knowledge could not?

In an unprecedented move a group of unnamed artists have sent waves through the world's fine arts communities as they sent out cheques equating to over 1 billion dollars heralding a defined message to the most prominent individuals of the art world.

In a true testament to the technological age we now live in the Digital Originals group, creators of the Digital Original concept have brought innovation to the world's most aged community. In contacting the most influential personas in the world of art, the Digital Originals are confronting the timely mergence of art and technology and gathering consensus for their brilliant concept that serves to expose the benefits and profitability in embracing the new emerging culture of art.

Ownership and replicability of digital work is so easily forged and Digital Originals have created a system whereby provenance can be proven. It is a concept that will aid museum curators, collectors and artists by verifying the originality of a digital artwork.

The work is governed original when an artist registers a domain name for their digital artwork and display its contents at that website address. This piece will then become the most valued artwork by terms of art appreciation through proving the provenance of the piece.

Colin Colorful, founder of the Digital Original group and creator of the world's first digital original (, explains the importance of the art community joining together to embrace the innovation of digital art and its viability as a fine art.

If the consensus, for which we, as a group of artists, are striving, is achieved, the problems with tracking provenance, low value, displaying and reproducing digital art will disappear.

Colorful notes the importance of Fine Art heavyweights becoming involved in the concept as the Art community is one of suggestion and recommendation sighting, to achieve the consensus, we have to work together. That is why we got in touch with management of Christie's, Sotheby's, MOMA, National Gallery of Art and all other major art influences in the global community.

It is important that the arts of yesteryear and the innate creativity of humanity can grow with the emerging digital age and Digital Originals is a solution founded in the very core of what it is working to preserve; the human imagination.

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