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The largest distribution of any artwork in history is currently under way - ten million unique versions of artistic spam are being emailed to millions of people for free!

It's been named the Great Recession and, after Denny's free breakfasts for Americans, contemporary artist Colin Colorful is now helping feed the public's aesthetic hunger, by delivering them billions of images of cans of spam. Colorful, not content simply producing more artworks than there are atoms in the universe squared at, felt he should share it with the world by email.

Colorful has been offering a unique version of his debut digital artwork to every visitor to his website for several weeks now. Though many thousands of versions of the art, have already been generated and given away, Colorful stated that he wants to use the method of delivery as a major conceptual underpinning of the work, demonstrating that digital art should be free as the cost of delivery of digital artworks is so low.

Imagine looking down from space, onto the Earth from above and watching these colourful images spreading out, opening, multiplying, replicating in lounge rooms, bedrooms, offices, diners, Starbucks and college dorms. Each ziptych piece creating a unique aesthetic experience, widening eyes and creating smiles as people get them, Colorful said, and in two decades or so a home nanoprinter will 'print' these cans out with tin and meat - ready to eat.

According to Colorful's technicians responsible for overseeing the mail-outs, the response to the give-away has been extremely positive and no one has yet complained.

It took me a while at first to get it - then I just loved it! one recipient commented. It really intrigues me... I got to thinking that I do not fully understand the power of imagination. This has given me a jolt.

Colin Colorful is like a Maurizio Cattelan clone, commanding an army of digital Jackson Pollocks, flicking millions of multicoloured pixels by email across a canvas which is the global internet, said another. The possibilities for digital originals are infinite.

Colorful's work is the first step towards creating a new paradigm for distributing and selling art digitally. The artists behind the new paradigm are calling it Digital Originals.

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