GALWAY, Ireland, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Cappella, Inc. (Cappella), a medical device company developing dynamic solutions for the treatment of coronary bifurcation disease announced the first U.K. cases involving the Sideguard(R) Coronary Sidebranch Stent Delivery System. The initial case was performed at PCI Live 2009 with the second case following immediately thereafter, off-camera. Dr. Joseph D. Mills, Consultant Cardiologist at the Liverpool Heart Chest Hospital, UK performed both procedures. According to Dr. Mills, We see numerous bifurcation cases are very pleased to see that there is now a dedicated and straightforward solution to treating complex bifurcation lesions. As the first centre in the UK to use Sideguard, we are very satisfied with the results.

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Cappella recently added an additional size of 3.25 to their current portfolio of 2.5 and 2.75. This now enables treatment of bifurcation lesions in lumen diameters from 2.25 to 3.25mm and lesion lengths less than or equal to 7mm. In addition to the new diameter, the product line will be further expanded according to Dr. Art Rosenthal, CEO, We will make longer-length stents available in 2010, enhancing our broad product line and Cappella's position as the leading company in the treatment of bifurcations.

Cappella also recently expanded its commercial operations in Europe with the addition of a direct sales force this past month for the UK Ireland. Cappella is currently active in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria Switzerland.

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Cappella, Inc. is a medical device company, developing novel solutions for the treatment of complex Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and specifically bifurcation vascular disease. Cappella's initial product, the Sideguard(R) Coronary Sidebranch Stent Delivery System offers interventional cardiologists a straightforward, effective solution that focuses on treating the sidebranch of diseased coronary arteries first, rather than the main vessel. More importantly, it allows the preferred stent of choice for the main vessel. An optimal stent design specific to the anatomy of the sidebranch, combined with the qualities of Nitinol now provide a dynamic solution for treating sidebranch disease. Cappella Medical Devices Ltd., Galway, Ireland is the RD and manufacturing subsidiary of Cappella, Inc. For more information, see:


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