REDWOOD CITY, California, BARCELONA, Spain and EDINBURGH, Scotland, November 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Gigle Semiconductor, the leading developer of intelligent multi-PHY switching devices for both wired and wireless entertainment grade home networking, today announces that it has changed its name to Gigle Networks ( The new name is being adopted to better reflect the company's expanding core competencies and system-level solutions.


A true entertainment-grade home network requires technology that can provide the performance and coverage necessary to deliver multiple HD streams everywhere in the home. But to succeed with consumers, this network also must be so simple to install, operate and maintain that it is completely transparent to the user, said Juan Carlos Riviero, chief executive officer of Gigle Networks. Our new corporate name reflects our commitment to providing the complete system solutions that are necessary to create this invisible network within the home, including silicon, firmware, software and support tools, across all existing wired media plus wireless connections.

Gigle Networks' fully integrated, intelligent multi-PHY switches seamlessly extend wired and wireless Ethernet connections to form up to a 1Gbps entertainment-grade network everywhere in the home. These networks are created using the existing wiring, including powerline, phoneline and/or coaxial cable, as well as wireless connections. Gigle Networks' solutions deliver the best possible coverage and performance by using an on-chip switching agent that coordinates all the Gigle Networks' enabled devices in the network to determine optimal paths and whether or not paths need to be aggregated to increase bandwidth, or if traffic should be repeated to increase coverage as determined by Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. This self-forming mesh network can operate over WiFi, wired Ethernet, powerline, phoneline, and coaxial cable. It can also provide advanced network features such as fault tolerance. For example, if the wireless Ethernet connection fails, the network can automatically switch traffic to another connection using a high-speed loop-avoidance algorithm optimized for the demands of video.

With the Gigle Networks approach, all network traffic is managed intelligently in a continuous process that is completely transparent to the user. Installing network nodes is as simple as plugging them into the power outlets. The network then self-configures and can generate secure passwords and encrypted traffic with just the push of a button. This network requires no new wires, no configuration software, no knowledge of networking technology to install or manage it and no user manual. It combines the performance, robustness and reliability that service providers require, along with the simplicity that consumers demand.

About Gigle Networks: Plug into the Fun

Gigle Networks provides system-on-chip integrated circuits and complete system solutions for multimedia home networking that can extend wired and wireless Ethernet everywhere in the home - without the need for new wires. Targeted for applications such as Internet Protocol television (IPTV), broadband TV (BBTV), video on demand (VoD), and voice over IP (VoIP), Gigle Networks' products offer superior performance, coverage and QoS as compared to alternative communication technologies, and are designed to be easily integrated into consumer electronics and networked products. Gigle Networks is a strong supporter of open standards, a board member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, and an active participant in IEEE P1901 and ITU-T wireline standardization initiatives. Gigle Networks has offices in Redwood City, Calif., Barcelona, Spain, and Edinburgh, UK.

SOURCE: Gigle Networks

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