PARIS, February 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Viaccess, a France Telecom company, leader in conditional access announced, today that it has been selected by GlobeCast, a leading content management and delivery company for broadcast, to provide its Viaccess Mobile Broadcast service protection solution based on the OMA BCAST Smartcard profile for use in a key trial platform to faciliate the commercial launch of this technology in Europe.

The objective of this platform is to demonstrate both the viability of DVB-H as a mobile television standard as well as the expertise of GlobeCast as a technology integrator and end-to-end service provider for television bouquet operators, regardless of standard or networks used.

OMA BCAST smartcard profile 1.0 standard has been released in January 2009. OMA BCAST standard is today the most performing standard fully supported by the major handset manufacturers and mobile network operators.

With more than 15 years experience in payTV, Viaccess was selected for its track record in delivering mature and reliable solutions and on the basis of the wide interoperability testing plans that Viaccess did conduct with all its partners that provide the key technologies necessary to deploy an end-to-end Mobile broadcast solution.

Viaccess's Conditional Access System dedicated to OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile standard handsets provides enhanced security and security management, thus reducing SIM management costs for Mobile Operators. This solution is compatible with any handset compliant with OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile. This solution take advantage of the outstanding experience of Viaccess in the pay TV business and the related security challenges.

Globecast provides integrated headend and delivery solutions that include content aggregation for Mobile TV for 3G or DVB-H networks, encoding, multiplexing and IP repurposing for content delivery in any given format. In order to demonstrate our ability to provide a full DVB-H service, GlobeCast recognized the need to integrate a reliable content protection technology in its portfolio, says Stéphan Bergeon, Director of Business Development at GlobeCast.

Viaccess CEO François Moreau de Saint Martin says : OMA BCAST Smartcard profile has been recommended by all the industries to be the unified standard used for Mobile TV broadcast. We are therefore very proud to be selected by GlobeCast for the Smart Card Profile platform as it will maintain our pioneer role in the mobile TV arena.

About Viaccess:

Viaccess S.A., delivers solutions for digital pay television and secured content distribution. Its mission is the development, production and marketing of Conditional Access and DRM-based systems for all types of contents and services, for every kind of broadcast (satellite, cable, terrestrial, MMDS) and broadband networks, fixed (DSL) and mobile. Viaccess has been successfully deployed in 30 countries world-wide, on more than 80 digital platforms including multi-channel providers and digital content distributors. Viaccess is one of the leading IPTV protection companies (MRG IPTV Market Leader Report, March 2008). For more information :

Press Contact : Anthony Marechal T +33-1-44-45-65-35

Press Contact : Anthony Marechal T +33-1-44-45-65-35,