VANCOUVER, December 4 /PRNewswire/ -- announces the release of Drive Recovery, a software product to help computer users recover lost or deleted data at home or in the office. Drive Recovery makes disk and data recovery possible without requiring prior knowledge in data recovery. Drive Recovery features a combination of easy to use step-by-step user interface with sophisticated data recovery algorithms, this making it possible to fix disk corruption, undelete files and recover data at home.

Drive Recovery offers home and office users an easy way to recover deleted files and data lost after a system failure or virus attacks. Featuring innovative step-by-step user interface, Drive Recovery does not require any special knowledge in data recovery, and operates by asking users series of simple questions. Recovering deleted files is as simple as specifying the disk that contains the files, and selecting the files to recover after a quick disk scan.

Not limited to recovering just files and data, Drive Recovery repairs corrupted partition tables, file systems and MBR records. Fixing all kinds of disk problems is as easy as clicking 'Next' in the step-by-step wizard.

Drive Recovery includes two distinctive features that make it stand out of the crowd. LivePreview makes it possible to preview recoverable documents before the recovery and before paying for the product. PowerSearch, a sophisticated data recovery algorithm, scans the entire hard drive in order to locate and recover each recoverable file even if there is no file system left on the disk. PowerSearch operates by matching information it reads from the hard disk against a database of file headers, thus making it possible to detect the beginning and end of files in many formats. Supporting more than 190 types of files, LivePreview and PowerSearch make a powerful combination.

Pricing and Availability

Drive Recovery supports all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to the latest Windows 7/Vista and 2003 Server, and supports all versions and revisions of FAT and NTFS.

About develops disk and data recovery tools aimed exclusively at the newest file system found in Windows. Supporting NTFS disks exclusively, has been able to concentrate its efforts on providing the best possible algorithms to support the only file system. Featuring fully automatic operation, products fit perfectly to the many homes and small offices. The proprietary recovery technologies rival those used in much more expensive data recovery tools.

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Contact: Andrey Mareev Title: CEO Company: E-Mail: Phone: +7(391)2525973


CONTACT: Contact: Andrey Mareev, Title: CEO, Company:,E-Mail:, Phone: +7(391)2525973