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- Storage Veteran Ian Rothery Promoted to Vice President of International Sales

Rebit Inc., the company dedicated to relieving the burden of backup for PC users, today announced Ian Rothery has been promoted to vice president of international sales.

"Rebit's strategy to expand upon its current U.S. success internationally requires a solid, experienced sales leader," commented Charlene Murphy, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "Ian Rothery has made remarkable contributions to the success of many companies, and this well-deserved promotion reflects his strong focus, drive and dedication to Rebit."

Mr. Rothery has held sales and sales management positions at major storage companies including Seagate and Quantum and served as Senior Director of International Sales for Benchmark Storage Innovations, a successful data storage startup. With experience in the European distribution and reseller channels, as well as major OEMs, Ian Rothery has a broad background ideally suited to launch Rebit into the international marketplace.

Mr. Rothery will be responsible for overseeing Rebit's European and Asia OEM strategy, as well as developing distribution and reseller partnerships for the Rebit appliance.

About Rebit Inc.

Rebit Inc. is committed to delivering a solution that is automatic and complete, removing the burden of managing backup from users. With Rebit, PC users experience continuous data protection for their entire PC all day, every day. No setup. No configuration. No scheduling. No buttons. No software installation. And recovery is easy -- just drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

Providing simple and fully automated backup for Windows XP and Vista, Rebit plugs into a computer's USB port for complete and continuous backup of not only data, but applications and the entire operating system -- everything on one's PC. Recovering any file or folder is equally simple -- just use Windows Explorer "drag and drop." If a PC disk crashes, Rebit painlessly recovers everything on to a replacement disk. There is no need to re-download, reinstall, or re-register applications, and because of its NeverFull(TM) feature, Rebit never fills up, always delivering reliable backup.

Dedicated to optimizing the customer experience, Rebit is not just another appliance but a unique and comprehensive solution to computer backup and recovery. With the new release, Rebit users can take advantage of multiple PC backup which utilizes file de-duplication to save disk space. Additionally, Rebit now offers the double user benefit of Rebit archiving and offsite Rebit drive rotation.

Rebit backup appliances are available in capacities for notebooks and desktop PCs, including 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 320GB, and 500GB. They can be purchased through Rebit's network of channel and distribution partners in the U.S. and Europe, and online at http://www.Rebit.com.

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