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- Celebrities go Wild for Silicone-Based Spray Make-up: Airbase

Celebrities are going wild for the latest make-up product to hit the UK - Airbase Airbrush. This brand new silicone based range boasts Girls Aloud make-up artist Liz Martins amongst its fans and is now frequently used in stage and TV productions, including Joseph, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Coronation Street.

What makes Airbase so hot is its silicone base, which not only allows the skin to breathe but also means pores do not get clogged. The other huge advantage is its amazing durability which means 'touch ups' are a thing of the past! The stars and make-up artists' feedback has confirmed that the product does exactly what it was designed to - standing up to heat, providing flawless coverage and feeling weightless!

For you and me that means it won't melt away on a girl's night out, a special occasion, at the gym or on the beach, so that oily shine that we sometimes see a few hours after a traditional make-up application just doesn't happen! In short, it's long-lasting, heat resistant and waterproof!

Designed by an OSCAR nominated make-up artist, and sprayed on using an airbrush, it is little wonder it is so popular for High Definition TV and film. Spraying is now the norm - the airbrush makes the particles of make-up tiny; much smaller than conventional make-ups, so when applied it is less visible - this is essential for HD as the cameras pick up every imperfection.

The story gets even better when you consider that Airbase contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin E, ingredients that are actually good for us and help fight the free-radicals that damage our skin! Spraying of course is also much more hygienic than using brushes, sponges or fingers! The spraying part is easy, certainly no more difficult that applying a traditional make-up and is favoured by make-up artists for its speed.

Ordering is simple, just visit the Airbase Make-up website.

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