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- Interoperable Solution Enables Secure SIP Trunking for Legacy PBX and Contact Center Environments

Ingate(R) Systems, which develops firewall technology and products that enable trusted Unified Communications, and Dialogic Corporation (Dialogic), a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, today announced that they have completed the necessary testing to validate the Dialogic(R) 2000 Media Gateway Series (DMG2000) as interoperable with Ingate SIParator(R) and Ingate Firewall(R) products. The combination of a DMG2000 gateway and an Ingate SIParator or Ingate Firewall will allow enterprises utilizing legacy PBX and Contact Center systems to easily and securely adopt SIP trunks as a replacement for traditional PSTN voice services.

SIP trunking has emerged as one of the hottest voice service solutions in the business communications market since the divestiture of ATT in the 1980's, and the ensuing long distance service competition. Both enterprise class and small to mid-sized business (SMB) customers are eager to adopt VoIP service as a means to reduce voice service costs, particularly in the current economic environment. Adopting SIP trunking service puts business customers in a position to benefit from both lower costs and the multimedia capabilities of the SIP protocol to extend their communications between business partners beyond basic voice in the future.

To date, most SIP trunking providers and resellers have focused on the opportunity to migrate SMB class customers from PSTN service in concert with an upgrade to a SIP-ready IP-PBX system. While this opportunity focus remains logical and compelling, there is also a significant opportunity to migrate Enterprise class customers who maintain legacy (non-SIP) PBX and contact center systems stated Steve Johnson, President of Ingate Systems. The combined security features of the Ingate SIParator with the SIP to PBX trunk conversion capability of a DMG2000 gateway enable a cost effective, secure and reliable SIP trunk interface for these customers.

SIP trunks are delivered to business customers over broadband IP data networks. With this interoperability solution, both Ingate and Dialogic products are deployed on the customer premises to support the SIP trunking service. The Ingate products are deployed at the network edge between a wide area IP network and the corporate LAN, securely passing SIP signaling and VoIP media streams to and from the corporate LAN. The Dialogic gateway resides on the corporate LAN and is connected to the legacy PBX or contact center via traditional T1/E1 trunk ports. The DMG2000 gateway passes the SIP Trunk signaling and media from the Ingate SIParator to the PBX by emulating traditional PSTN trunk services.

We are very pleased to announce this interoperability with Ingate today, states Franz-Josef Eberle, General Manager, Dialogic Enterprise Gateway Product Group. Ingate is a recognized leader in securing SIP trunking for business customers, which comprise a critical piece that can be overlooked by some device vendors. We believe this solution set truly opens up a whole new Enterprise market opportunity for SIP Trunking providers and their resellers.

The two companies will deliver a free educational webinar, Coming of Age: SIP Trunking for Secure Enterprise Deployments on Tuesday June 16th at 1:00 pm eastern time. Registration is open for the event, and industry participants as well as IT professionals are invited to attend.

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Dialogic Corporation is a leading provider of world-class, innovative technologies based on open standards that enable innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for Network Service Providers and Enterprise Communication Networks. Dialogic's customers and partners rely on its leading-edge, flexible components to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dialogic and its subsidiaries have over twenty offices worldwide, providing local presence, knowledge and support to serve its customers around the globe. Dialogic's research and development centers are located in Parsippany, New Jersey; Getzville, New York; Needham, Massachusetts; Hyannis, Massachusetts; Salem, New Hampshire; Chicago, Illinois; Fordingbridge, England; and Renningen, Germany as well as Montreal.

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Ingate(R) Systems develops firewall technology and products that enable, manage and secure Unified Communications. With a history rooted in security, Ingate offers enterprises, carriers and IP-PBXs elegant solutions that make trusted SIP communications possible. Ingate's full suite of solutions helps customers leverage the full potential of SIP-based applications. They include award-winning Ingate Firewall(R) and Ingate SIParator(R) products; SIP trunk products that simplify and secure these deployments; and remote connectivity solutions that extend the benefits of Unified Communications to workers outside the LAN. Ingate currently protects the networks of retail companies, financial institutions, industrial firms, government agencies and small-to-large enterprises throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

A leading educator on SIP trunking, Ingate hosts the SIP Trunk Seminar Series at the ITEXPO and the Ingate SIP Trunking Network at Both bring together industry visionaries to generate awareness for the benefits of SIP, SIP trunks and Unified Communications.

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