LONDON, December 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Fifosys,, the London IT support provider, has today launched an innovative new Cloud-based service product - Fifosys Fortress(TM)- as an addition to its portfolio of IT outsourcing ( solutions. The Fortress, from IT managed services ( provider Fifosys, is an IT outsourcing data backup solution which has been specifically designed for the SME market and will enable businesses to securely and cost-effectively secure all of the company's business critical data with the assurance of speedy restoration in the event of crisis.

Fortress, from IT managed services provider Fifosys, is an automated, remote backup and recovery solution from the London IT support company, delivered via the Cloud and stored securely in the Cloud, managing data through its entire lifecycle, from discovery, through off-site backup and archiving, to appropriate data destruction. Importantly, with the solution from IT outsourcing provider Fifosys, after the initial backup process is complete, only changes to data are backed up, meaning that the volume of data being sent via the Cloud into storage is dramatically reduced, as well as reducing the volume of data stored in the Cloud. London IT support provider Fifosys have designed the Fortress' compression and de-duplication technology to ensure that storage space is optimised - making this a very attractively priced service.

Mitesh Patel, Managing Director of IT managed services provider Fifosys, comments, IT outsourcing solution Fifosys Fortress is an amazingly easy and inexpensive solution for the backup and recovery processes which all sensible businesses do every day, as part of their normal end of day routine. Fortress applies intelligence to backup, recovery and archiving, providing high levels of protection in a simple to install service from the Cloud. Every organisation needs disaster recovery and business continuity support. Fortress provides this less expensively and with less risk than a manual process which is usually reliant upon one person to complete the backup and store it securely offsite.

Patel continues, Fifosys has made a substantial financial and business investment in order to set-up the Cloud services needed to launch this new solution. This is because we work very closely with our customers, managing their technology infrastructure on a daily basis, and we see the substantial benefits that come from using such a solution. We believe that this approach will be the 'de facto' standard approach to business continuity and disaster recovery for almost all businesses within a matter of a few years.

Deciding what information gets backed up is a business decision, not an IT decision and it is absolutely key to just about every business. Fifosys was constantly being asked for advice and guidance on a best-practice approach for data backup, as part of its role in helping clients to bridge the gap between IT and Business strategy. As a result we have launched this new service to support our own customers - many of which have been using this service for several months now to great benefit - and to cater for the significant need for a cost and time-efficient solution which to this perennial problem, adds Patel.

London Medical, a state-of-the-art clinic facility, has been one of the first sites to benefit from Fifosys Fortress. Dr. Ralph Abraham, Clinical Director, comments, We needed to be able to quickly retrieve any lost data or in the event that a patient record were to be deleted in error, have reassurance that it could be recovered both quickly and efficiently. Now I feel confident that all of our data is constantly protected; even if our systems go down or the clinic has a fire or flood, I know we can still get the data back. Our patients' data is the lifeblood of London Medical and it is a priority for us to protect it.

Explaining that data management policies are a key consideration for businesses setting up secure data environments, Patel explains, It is our overall aim to help businesses reduce risks associated with IT and data management policies are a large part of this. Fifosys consults with key decision makers to define a data management policy that is in line with legal requirement and business needs. This policy then drives the data backup, and ensures that critical data is prioritised for recovery and business continuity purposes. This service-orientated approach ensures that clients feel their investment is working hard for them.

Patel concludes, Fortress will also bring tangible commercial business benefits to any business which uses it. The importance of data and information to the successful operation of a business cannot be underestimated, and Fortress offers the reassurance that these assets are protected whilst reducing capital expenditure, removing infrastructure and floor-space issues, and minimising the need for in-house management resources. Furthermore, the Fifosys solution brings scalable growth and the ability to respond immediately to any crisis - an essential quality for the SME if it is to survive unexpected challenges.

About Fifosys

Based in London, Fifosys is a vendor-independent, technology infrastructure development and outsourced managed services provider.

Fifosys specialises in providing the level and detail of support that large scale enterprises expect but delivered for the SME and mid-market business. Using an ITIL and Prince 2-based best practice approach to IT support, Fifosys has built a reputation as a trusted partner with its customers, providing both first-class IT support services and the highest levels of advice, guidance and reporting.

Established in 2001, Fifosys is a professional technology infrastructure specialist, delivering a broad portfolio of high quality technical and strategic managed services. Fifosys provides its own skilled staff to selectively outsource the IT services which most SMEs struggle to provide themselves. Fifosys acts as a single point of contact and accountability for all IT matters - from service desk support to problem resolution, procurement management to IT director-level reporting and advice as well as the management of all third party suppliers.

Working closely with its customers to understand unique business requirements, Fifosys' approach offers; reduced complexity risk, excellent account management and assistance, with state-of-the-art technology coupled with clear service level agreements, selective outsourcing and 24/7 IT support. Services include the end-to-end designing, developing, implementing and supporting of the technology infrastructure to ensure a trouble free and secure IT environment; improving services, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

This approach allows Fifosys to offer its customers the opportunity to turn IT into a strategic business asset for competitive advantage, allowing the customer to focus on its core business functions, whilst Fifosys concentrates on getting the IT to support and drive the business forward.

Fifosys is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Google Enterprise Partner, Dell Partner, part of the Citrix Partner Network, Zen Internet Platinum Partner, Juniper Service Specialist and a McAfee Security Alliance Certified Partner.

Over the last eight years Fifosys' team of qualified IT professionals has built a first-class reputation based on a combination of knowledge, understanding, service and openness. Its current 41 customers encompass a range of sectors from financial, media, professional services, and medical to property development/management. Customers include the London Medical Centre, The Contact Group, Jasper Capital and Raven Russia.

For more information please contact: Lauren Bell Tegan Boaler / Krista Cundy Fifosys Ltd The itpr Partnership Tel: +44(0)20-7644-2610 Tel: + 44(0)1932-578-800

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CONTACT: For more information please contact: Lauren Bell, Fifosys Ltd,Tel: +44(0)20-7644-2610; Tegan Boaler / Krista Cundy, The itpr Partnership,Tel: + 44(0)1932-578-800