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- Latest Predictive Traffic Forecast Empowers Cars and Trucks to Avoid Time-based Congestion and Reduce Fuel Consumption

Journey Dynamics, a privately-owned provider of traffic intelligence solutions, today announces the latest release of its traffic speed forecasts for both cars and trucks. Covering the entire UK road network, this highly accurate information is being used in applications from navigation devices to logistics software to enable drivers to avoid congestion and reduce fuel consumption.

The latest Journey Dynamics traffic speed forecasts are based upon current versions of NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas maps. The forecasts have been tested against 10,000 real, driven journeys which when totalled are the equivalent of more than twice the length of the UK's road network.

Future versions of the product will forecast vehicles speeds across Europe, with French versions to be launched later in the year. These will, amongst other enhancements, also feature the Journey Dynamics strategic driver personalisation technology.

John Holland, CEO at Journey Dynamics comments, As the only provider to offer a comprehensive product incorporating all aspects of traffic speed forecasting for both cars and trucks, Journey Dynamics has aggressive plans for expansion across Europe. We're continuing to make significant developments in predictive traffic and driver personalisation - aiming to be the quality traffic intelligence partner of choice.

The Journey Dynamics traffic speed forecast for cars and trucks continues to be the first of its type in Europe that takes full account not only of the time of day and day of week of travel, but also vehicle type. The information is available to application developers, device manufacturers, technology partners and third party software developers for logistics companies, to build smarter traffic intelligence into journey planning and navigation device applications. Compact datasets enable the information to be used in PNDs and smartphones, in-vehicle systems and web applications.

The enhanced forecast uniquely includes both speed and speed range to enable Journey Dynamics customers to arm consumers and business users with greater confidence in the routes selected and estimated times of arrival.

Logistics companies looking to optimise supply chains that use Journey Dynamics' traffic speed forecasts would see improved confidence in the timing of each truck journey as well as reducing the excess supply in just-in-time delivery. Fleet departure times can be adjusted to save fuel by avoiding time-based congestion.

Holland concludes, This latest release is part of Journey Dynamics' ongoing commitment to improve the value gained from accurate speed forecasts that enable smarter routing and greater confidence in expected times of arrival. This will allow for more predictable journey times, routes that avoid congestion and shorter journeys which all contribute to reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

About Journey Dynamics

Journey Dynamics is a privately-owned provider of traffic intelligence - traffic speed forecasts with the greatest accuracy and highest levels of confidence across the entire road infrastructure, for all vehicle types, using complex scientific analysis of historical traffic information. By combining this intelligence with real-time traffic analysis our customers are delivering the next generation of smarter, dynamic traffic-enabled applications.

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