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- Journey Dynamics, Traffic Technology Provider, Launches Driver Personalisation Technology - MyDrive - for Superior Routing and the Highest Levels of Accuracy in Calculating Estimated Journey Times Across All Countries

Journey Dynamics, traffic technology provider, today announces the launch of its driver personalisation technology - MyDrive - which allows satnavs or other navigation devices to learn the way each individual drives. This dramatically improves the accuracy of the estimated journey time, and so removes one of the biggest issues in using satnav devices. The MyDrive version for Western Europe is available immediately and other regions will roll-out later this year.

John Holland, CEO at Journey Dynamics, traffic technology provider, comments, MyDrive learns how you drive and by taking into account your driving behaviour on each road type, dramatically improves estimates of journey times in all countries. MyDrive also uses that information to provide personalised routes that best suit your driving style.

Designed to operate globally and on the widest range of technology MyDrive is compatible with all the current routing engines and navigation solutions in use today . It is available to application developers, device manufacturers, technology partners and third party software developers for logistics companies.

Holland continues, This MyDrive technology will revolutionise the current generation of satnavs. MyDrive doubles the accuracy of journey time forecasts. In fact, if you were to use all of Journey Dynamics technology you would more than triple the accuracy .

By implementing MyDrive within a conventional routing engine, that uses a fixed or static speed associated with each road class, it provides significant improvements in the accuracy of forecasting journey times in all countries. Depending on the architecture of the routing engine MyDrive also has the ability to deliver smarter, personalised routing options.

Holland comments, The current generation of satnav devices will always be inherently inaccurate due to the very marked difference in vehicle performance and, more significantly, driver behaviour. MyDrive addresses these issues and allows drivers to take far more control over every journey, invariably improving the driver experience .

As MyDrive learns more about an individual driver's style it performs better the more you use it. Holland comments, Users invest time in developing their MyDrive 'personality', which positively influences them to remain loyal users of their particular supplier's devices and products.

As part of traffic technology provider Journey Dynamics' continuous commitment to enable smarter routing, provide routes that avoid congestion and more accurate journey time forecasts, MyDrive has the potential to transform the journey planning experience and reduce both the environmental and financial costs of travel. Holland concludes, By delivering effective personalised journey planning across the entire road network, there is a very real opportunity to reduce congestion significantly by making more efficient use of the entire road network as well as demonstrating the beneficial impact of driving at different times of day insert .

About Journey Dynamics

Journey Dynamics is a provider of traffic technology and information for highly accurate and personalised traffic speed forecasting and routing. Journey Dynamics has developed technologies and information that can radically improve the accuracy of forecasting journey times as well as providing smarter and more personalised choices of routes.

These offerings from Journey Dynamics address the very real issues that exist whenever routes are generated and journey times are estimated - routes don't reflect congestion, time of day or day of week and journey estimates are developed from a complete lack of information on how fast a driver can actually go on a particular piece of road. It is only by solving these fundamental requirements that accuracy of forecasting and selection of the smartest/best route can be made.

About MyDrive

Developed by Journey Dynamics, MyDrive is an intelligent software component that learns individual driver behaviour and then applies this knowledge to help offer personalised routes and deliver highly accurate journey time forecasts. MyDrive factors over 45,000 different combinations of driver behaviour and typically doubles the accuracy when forecasting journey times. When MyDrive is used in conjunction with Journey Dynamics high resolution TrafficSpeeds speed forecast product, the accuracy of forecasting a journey time is more than tripled when compared to current forecasting capability. MyDrive is quality assured on over 10,000 real journeys, and performance is calculated at different times to measure accuracy as the system learns.

For further information, please contact: Olivea Nixon / Will Gardiner The itpr Partnership Tel. +1-932-578-800 John Holland Chief Executive Officer Journey Dynamics Tel. +1-483-685-550

For further information, please contact: Olivea Nixon / Will Gardiner, The itpr Partnership, Tel. +1-932-578-800; John Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Journey Dynamics, Tel. +1-483-685-550