LONDON, August 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- In addition to the existing Weight-Loss Detox Programme, Purifyne today launches two new detox programmes: Bride-to-be Detox and Weekend Detox.

Bride-to-be Detox is for future brides who want to shed un-wanted pounds, improve their skin and increase energy levels before their wedding. Delivered directly to your home or office, the programme makes you slender and look younger after just a few days. The duration of the programmes vary between five and fourteen days and prices range from GBP345.00 to GBP550.00.

Weekend Detox is for busy individuals living and working in London. Many people want to get healthy, but simply don't have the time during the working week. Purifyne detox provides an opportunity to boost your metabolic rate and get energised in preparation for the busy week ahead. The duration of programmes vary between one weekend and four weekends and prices range from GBP155.00 to GBP335.00.

The prices for Weight-Loss Detox range from GBP79.00 to GBP475.00

Acting as a meal replacement, 100% natural juices form the basis of the programmes and represent a natural eliminator of toxins. They supply vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and photochemicals to boost and strengthen your health. The programme includes naturally based supplements and nutrients and participants are supplied with support and motivation throughout each individually tailored programme.

The key benefits include weight loss, improvement of effective functioning of all major organs, strengthening of your immune system, damaged cells are repaired and you will experience improved well-being. Your skin will glow, your energy and vitality will increase, your sleep pattern and digestion will improve and stress levels and cravings will decrease.

The bespoke Purifyne Detox programmes are a natural and effective way of internal cleansing, which will in turn energise and revitalise your body. The programmes provide a life-changing experience by revolutionising your 'long-term relationship' with food, your body and health.

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