SANTA BARBARA, California, March 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to recent publicity about the negative health impacts when wearing sheepskin boots, premium and luxury sheepskin footwear brand Koolaburra has accelerated the announcement of the launch of its newest innovation The Modern Classic boot style. The Modern Classic incorporates the best features of existing styles while updating the functionality, fit, performance and look of the classic sheepskin boot. Koolaburra's Modern Classic not only redefines the omnipresent classic style; more importantly, it incorporates features found in athletic footwear, addressing the negative impacts that the more common sheepskin boot can have on one's feet and posture. In effect, the Modern Classic is a sheepskin boot that provides the luxury of a sheepskin boot without damaging one's health and posture.


Each new style sports a sleek and feminine silhouette and accentuating curves while providing a snug fit thanks to an inner zipper. But the real innovation takes shape between the foot and the sidewalk: a tri-density athletic construction consisting of a 100% rubber outsole for added traction and durability, an EVA mid-sole, and a removable, anatomically molded EVA foot bed for arch support, stability and comfort.

A proper update of the classic sheepskin boot has been long overdue on many levels and our approach to this challenge was simple, observes Kris Zacharias, Chief Product Officer of Koolaburra. Without departing too far from our heritage we wanted to create a fresh and sleek Modern Classic sheepskin boot inspired by our coastal environs and culture while improving upon the comfort and durability-all with a Koolaburra twist. Thanks to a tighter fit, ergonomic insole and traction tread sole, the Modern Classic is intended to be worn for extended periods of time. We expect the Modern Classic to be a cornerstone of the Koolaburra line and represent the evolution of sheepskin boots for a new generation.

Three styles make up the introductory offering: the short style Cassidy and tall style Marissa keep the look simple and accessible to a broad consumer audience, while the fashion forward Micah takes the short shape and adds a front-foot lacing system to form a snug fit. All three styles incorporate 100% Grade-A Australian twinface sheepskin and are offered in the traditional basic colors as well as metallic and patent treatments.

Koolaburra's Modern Classic will be sold in more than 350 department and specialty stores commencing in Fall 2010 for MSRP $198 - $265.00US. The collection will be launched at existing Koolaburra key retailers and it will expand to include traditional classic sheepskin boot-style retailers, as well as Replacement in-soles, recommended every six months to prolong the life of the boot, will be available in Fall 2010 for US$25.00 at Look for new styles of Modern Classics throughout the 2010-2011 season.

About Koolaburra:

Koolaburra is a privately held premium footwear manufacturer based in Santa Barbara, California. The company was founded twenty years ago-long before the height of the sheepskin boot craze. The firm currently makes seasonal sheepskin footwear collections across the premium and luxury price point. Koolaburra is known for irreverent, innovative and unique styles. For more information visit:

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CONTACT: Kenneth Loo, Director of Marketing of Koolaburra,+1-323-393-0536,