LONDON, February 12 /PRNewswire/ -- To manage its growing data center needs, maintain high service levels and accelerate operational efficiencies across its business, banking group HBOS has announced a significant deal with Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) which will allow it to better understand its data center assets and capacity levels.

With the project set for completion in March 2008, HBOS is working closely with GDCM to implement the company's nlyte solution across the bank's two Yorkshire based data centers - which include two brand new, and state of the art server rooms. The new deal will allow the HBOS data center management team to manage any environmental changes within these datacenters without increasing workloads or costs.

Michael Evans, CEO of GDCM, said: "HBOS approached us for a market leading solution which would provide them with the visibility they needed to understand their data center assets and obtain an immediate view of capacity levels and locations of equipment. Data Center complexity continues to be an important issue - especially for the financial sector - and in this respect, we look forward to supporting HBOS in meeting their future data center demands."

nlyte is the only data center management tool to provide an intelligent and automated view of all physical and virtual assets and workgroups within the data center, using a web-based graphical user interface. It allows companies to model and manage their hardware, capacity, power, cooling, networking and space, reduce redundancy, and pro-actively forecast and plan the deployment of their assets to achieve optimum business efficiency, reduce risk and increase ROI.

By allowing organisations to better allocate their existing assets and reduce server redundancy through an understanding of capacity levels, nlyte can also help to reduce levels of CO2 emissions.

About nlyte(TM)

A single, user-friendly software application, nlyte provides complete transparency and control over all data center assets. It allows data center managers to audit, map, evaluate and manage the entire data center infrastructure. This enables accurate control of capacity and optimisation of the data center environment, while highlighting problem areas and forecasting for future needs. With nlyte organisations can remain nimble and reduce costs, leading to a return on investment within six to nine months. This is achieved through the automation of space and device allocation and reallocation, the deployment of servers in days rather than weeks, reduction of redundant assets, and increased staff efficiency through effective workflow control.

About Global DataCenter Management Limited (GDCM)

Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) was founded in 2003 with the aim of allowing organisations to increase efficiency and reduce cost within data centers - as well as to reducing power consumption and addressing environmental obligations. Today, GDCM provides data center software designed to help data center managers make the most of their IT investments while minimising complexity and costs. GDCM's flagship product, nlyte, is the only data center management tool to provide an intelligent and automated view of all physical and virtual assets and workgroups within the data center.

About HBOS

HBOS is a major UK company. The Group provides retail, business and corporate banking, and insurance and investment services through its multi-brand strategy in the UK and internationally. About 72,000 people are employed across the Group. HBOS has the biggest private shareholder base in the UK. HBOS is the UK's largest mortgage and savings provider and the number one provider of new investment products. The Group is one of the UK's leading general insurers and has a reputation for excellence in the provision of business banking and corporate finance, delivering innovative funding solutions across a range of markets.

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