UTRECHT, The Netherlands, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovation through best-of-breed partnership between Global Cash Solutions and Transtrack International with over 300 man-years in cash centre design, software system design and solution implementation has resulted in the development of fully integrated end-to-end automated cash processing solution.

Transtrack International is the leading software company providing solutions for the cash community. In the field of CIT automation, Cash Management and Optimization with end-to-end supply chain collaboration in various international markets. See http://www.transtrack.nl.

Global Cash Solutions implement solutions and advise on efficiency improvement, quality improvement and risk reduction. Our customers are cash centers, central and commercial banks, CIT companies and other stakeholders in a country's cash cycle, all over the world. One of GCS's products is the patented Automated Cash Centre Solution (ACCSOL): see http://www.globalcashsolutions.com.

The cash centre software modules are being developed within the framework of the current product, characterized by the use of .NET and MSSQL as the engine of the system and with the open platform integration into existing and legacy systems using XML and web services.

The CashWebCommunity (CWC) product is being extended with modules for complete automation of cash centers as operations within central banks, commercial banks and CIT's. Within the CWC platform these modules seamlessly integrate with banking front-end modules and back-end logistics modules. The cash center modules include contract management, order management, multi-level stock management, deposit processing, order picking & packing, workflow management, sophisticated reporting on cash and service levels and web access for clients.

By using the CWC product, involving your clients within your cash businesses becomes seamless through the WebPortal feature included in the product.

The process and software design allows for seamless upgrading of the processes to be able to utilize completely automated workstation using state-of-the-art robot stations. With this the solution provides for the incremental expansion of the cash centre operation from a semi-automated process to complete automation of certain process flows i.e. bulk cash processing and storage thereof, automated picking etc.

The state-of-the-art system provides for extensive reporting, BI capabilities and dashboards, allowing for the customizations by users. The standard reports can be exported into formats i.e. Excel etc. This allows for further data investigation and therefore even further customization of the MI provided by the system.

The solution includes SAS70 and ISO 9001 accreditations and meets all the SOX standard demands to ensure the design and processes meet the highest industry standards and therefore provide our clients with the assurance that the solution provided is audited by third parties to ensure security, reliability and maintainability.

Join us in the fresh approach to a traditional business which is about to ride the new wave of innovation and leave the shackles behind.

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