UTRECHT, The Netherlands and JOHANNESBURG, February 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The cash management company SBV Service Ltd (SBV) decided to implement the TransTrack tracking & tracing system. The system from Transtrack International and QD Group enables planning and following cash transports closely, thus making them considerably more efficient and providing further enhancements in security.

"By using sophisticated IT systems like track & trace, a cash handling business is increasing their efficiency, security and transparency. SBV is a leading cash business changing the South African market to a high level of sophistication," says Ronald van Vliet of Transtrack International, world wide market leader in the field of tracking & tracing software solutions for the transportation of cash.

The software of Transtrack enables SBV Service Ltd to work in a more efficient manner. All cash transport details are registered including personnel involved, route, vehicle, keys and transport value amongst others. This creates considerable transparency within the process.

South African based QD Group is the system integrator and the local representative for all Transtrack products. QD Group provides local software and hardware support to SBV and is an industry leader in Cash Management and Protection solutions. "The introduction of this technology into the cash logistics industry has resulted in efficiencies being extracted across the complete logistic chain, resulting in a better managed, better controlled and professional operation. The result of this is reduced risk, losses and enhanced service levels," says Theo De Oliveira of QD Group.

Transtrack International

Transtrack International is an international independent software specialist with standard packages for cash-in-transit companies and banks. The software is geared towards improving efficiency, traceability, optimal cash stocks and chain integration. http://www.transtrack.nl

QD Group

QD Group is an international independent specialist in the field of Automatic Identification solutions for the security and CIT market. QD Group designs, builds, implements and maintains integral track and trace and security solutions, in which the most advanced Auto ID technologies in the areas of Barcode, RF, RFID, IRID, Visidot and Voice Recognition are used. http://www.qdgroup.co.za

More information: SBV Service Ltd, Louise Pieterse, T: +27-11-38-62-000, E: louisep@sbv.co.za; QD Group, Theo De Oliveira, T: +27-11-46-62-300, E: theodeo@global.co.za; Transtrack International, Ronald van Vliet, T: +31-302404212, E: r.vanvliet@transtrack.nl