LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Lemania College, a bastion of education in the center of Lausanne, attended by both Swiss and foreign students from all walks of life, is proud to be recognised for its dependability and the quality of its teaching. Students with widely diversified objectives have come here to acquire knowledge, to shape their future, to pass examinations and to blaze the trail to their future careers. It was founded and administered by the Du Pasquier family and has managed to combine development and modernity with discretion and effectiveness.

This centenary will be marked by various events throughout 2008. The highlights will be an Evening Reunion which will take place in Lausanne on Friday 24 October and an Open Day on Saturday 25 October.

The Former Student circle

To take part in this weekend and meet up with one-time classmates, former students are cordially invited to join the "Former Student Circle" by registering on the site (, under "Anciens élèves" (former students). They will then, during the Spring, receive a personal invitation with full details of these events.

A well established school, open to the world

Lemania, one of the principal private schools in Switzerland, was founded in 1908 by Dr. Paul Du Pasquier, a gifted and visionary graduate of the elite universities. It has so far educated over 60,000 pupils in its various sections and also takes boarders. It initially concentrated on obtaining the Swiss secondary- school leaving certificate or maturité, then, in 1928, the school services developed to include a commercial section. Subsequently, secondary studies, pre-maturité, the baccalaureate, the entrance examination to the Federal Institute of Advanced Technology (EPF), commercial and management studies, language courses, Summer and evening courses (i.e. continuous training) were gradually added.

In 1958, Dr. Paul Du Pasquier handed over to his two sons. After 50 years of commitment to his pupils, always supported by his wife who looked after the smooth running of the boarding school, he was succeeded by Jean and Eric who were to continue the work of their father in meeting the requirements and constantly improving the standard of the establishment's demands and services. In 1974, they built a second building.

Since 1986, Jean-Pierre Du Pasquier has been running the establishment with a sound management team. He has opted to open up to the outside world. He enhanced the existing offer by opening new schools and offering new courses, thus covering a broad range of education from primary studies to University. The Lémania Group today comprises 12 schools scattered around French-speaking Switzerland. More than 5000 students attend its establishments annually.

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Contact: Monique Delarze, E-Mail:, Mobile: +41-79-418-80-00, Phone: +41-21-601-83-93, Lemania College, 3 Chemin de Préville, CP 550, 1001 Lausanne