ZURICH, March 16 /PRNewswire/ --

- BT inmo Chooses Qnective Inc

Qnective Inc., a U.S. public company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, can post one of its first significant triumphs. BT inmo, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Telecommunications Plc, has purchased a licence for global sales of mobile VoIP solutions from Qnective.

The Qtalk product family forms the basis for secure, cost-optimised mobile services which BT inmo is developing for BT Global Services.

Qnective is specialised in the development of VoIP (Voice over IP) voice and data solutions for mobile communication. The Qnective solutions are specially designed for operators and business clients.

Licensing agreement with BT inmo

Oswald Ortiz, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Qnective, remarked that Qnective is pleased to be working with an industry leader to license Qnective's first-of-its kind technology.

For the first time ever, a global operator is using mobile VoIP voice communication in GSM and mobile data networks. Harry van Streun, CEO, BT inmo: Qtalk from Qnective is the first truly mobile VoIP product which actually earns the 'carrier grade' rating. No other provider currently has a comparable, high-quality product and service range in a combined GSM and mobile data network environment such as HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE und GPRS.



Qnective is in the business of design, development, and distribution of telecommunications software and services for voice over internet (VoIP) communications. It markets its products under the Qtalk trademark. Each Qtalk product is a pure software solution for complete secure mobile telecommunications that uses package-oriented networks such GPRS, UMTS, HSDA, or WiFi for the transmission of voice and data. For a small monthly flat fee mobile telephone users have access to unlimited telephone time with other users.

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For further information, please contact:

- Contact Qnective Inc,: Oswald Ortiz, CEO, Thurgauerstrasse 54, 8050 Zurich: +41-44-307-50-20 or info@qnective.com,

- Contact BT inmo: Harry van Streun, CEO BT inmo, harryvan.streun@bt.com,

For further information, please contact: Qnective Inc,: Oswald Ortiz, CEO, Thurgauerstrasse 54, 8050 Zurich: +41-44-307-50-20 or info@qnective.com. Contact BT inmo: Harry van Streun, CEO BT inmo, harryvan.streun@bt.com,