NEW YORK and LONDON, October 27 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, global research and advisory firm mediaIDEAS ( announced the launch of a new comprehensive report analyzing and quantifying the opportunities for e-paper e-readers over the next decade. The report, The E-paper E-reader Phenomenon: The Dramatic Growth of a $25B Market, draws together mediaIDEAS' extensive research and knowledge of e-reader technology and markets.

E-paper e-readers will be one of the major disruptive technologies of the early 21st century, said the report's author, Nick Hampshire, it will change the nature of publishing and related print industries forever, ushering in a host of innovative ways to present, market, and distribute content.

The report shows that since the first e-paper e-reader came onto the market in 2004, these devices, with their green credentials of reducing paper consumption, have already proved very popular with consumers, and the market for them is accelerating. By 2006, there were 3 types of devices available, by 2007, there were 5, and currently there are over 40. This number will more than double in the next twelve months. Unit sales are also booming. In 2008, 1.1 million e-paper display-based e-readers were sold, in 2010 that number will rise to about 6 million, and by 2020 global annual e-reader sales will reach 446 million units with a value of over US$25 billion.


mediaIDEAS was created in 2007 by Bob Sacks (Bosacks), President/Publisher of The Precision Media Group, Nick Hampshire, former Senior Partner of AFAICS Research, and David Renard, President of MU Inc. and former Senior Analyst at Gartner Group. Drawing upon over three-quarters of a century of publishing experience, including 22 years providing consultancy services to publishers on a wide range of critical issues, mediaIDEAS helps those involved in the information distribution industry make informed strategic decisions and plan for a more competitive future.


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