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The global E-Paper market experienced significant growth in the year 2009 on account of the success of the E-Reader market. Enhanced features like low power consumption, easiness of reading have played a pivotal role in the growth of the E-Paper market. This green factor like low power consumption has increased the number of display gadgets consuming E-Paper like e-books, mobile phones, digital signage, smart cards, watches, bill boards, computer peripherals, electronic shelf labels and other applications. Increasing number of technologies was introduced in the market like electrophoretic, electrowetting, cholesteric liquid crystal display, electrochromic and others. However electrophoretic technology witnessed strong growth in the E-Paper market in 2009. The E-Paper is expected to witness high demand on account of the growing number of applications in the display market.

Each section of the report offers market data for various market segments and geographies. It also provides market trends with respect to drivers, restraints, and challenges. The report's strategic section sketches the competitive landscape in the E-Paper market.

Key Take Aways

- Definition and analysis of the global E-paper market. - Identification and assessment of the E-Paper market with respect to all the currently available products, applications, and technologies. - Comprehensive analysis of each of the market segments with respect to market drivers, restraints, and challenges impacting the market revenues and trends. - Evaluation of the market revenues with respect to products, applications, and technologies revenues attributed to respective geographies (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (ROW). - Analysis of the core competencies of the market players by profiling the companies with respect to their product offerings, revenues, target market, pricing, pipeline products, patents and recent developments. - Competitive scenario by tracking indicative strategy trends such as mergers acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures in the industry among the top market players. The intended audience includes: - E-paper technology providers - E-Paper Display manufacturers - E-Paper end users - E-Reader manufacturers - Display manufacturers - E-paper consultants - Universities

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